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Do You Make Up a Missed Workout?


Just curious as to what you all do when (if) you miss a workout.

Do you just take it as a loss and continue as planned, or would you have one less rest day for the week?


You make up the workout. You are taking a rest day with the missed workout, so not rest lost.


I just go on. Monday was ME squat day. I could have made it up today, but then tomorrow is DE squat. That would suck.



Make it up the next day or during the next scheduled workout and push things forward one day so that essentially, the workout is not missed...maybe more like an additional day of rest.


That's what I do too. Was away so missed my workout yesterday. So I did it today, and I'll do tomorrow's scheduled workout on Friday. Everything just gets pushed back.


What Snoop's brother said.


LOL! Thanks G!


I NEVER follow a weekly schedule where I do a certain workout on a certain day of the week, so I would just push everything back a day, or maybe make up a exercise here and there over the course of the next 3-4 days. I always end my workouts after 45 minutes from the first hard set.