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Do You Like Italy?


asking this just came to my mind..


i do, I've been there on vacation a few times.


I'm a white guy from Canada and I think Italians are some really nice people. There were 5 or 6 Italian guys in my high school that were really nice to me. Just really nice guys.
I've heard somewhere that my hometown (Winnipeg) has the second largest per capita Italian population outside of Italy (with I guess NYC being first). Maybe I'm wrong.

And the food! I wouldn't marry an Italian girl for her cooking...I'd go straight to marrying the pizza!


Sure do, the history, weather, landscape, food, drink, Mediterranean....pretty amazing place. Florence is also one of my favourite cities.


I visited Lake Garda last year. It was beautiful.


it was my first time to get 2 girls in one week so yes i like italy :stuck_out_tongue:


Italy is awesome! Make sure you visit Lake Cuomo in a foggy day


I was really fond of the renaissance.


Not especially. Every time I go there it's for work, and they work me like a dog for weeks and weeks.

Never been in the mood for any sightseeing after that.


which work do you do Eric?


I will be going to visit at some point in the summer. Other than being fascinated by their work in the renaissance, I like running around their rooftops and assassinating corrupt politicians ...

That and the fact that you produced one of the most moving films I've ever seen - "Life is Beautiful" with Benigni.

Materatzi is a shit head. Otherwise you're golden.


My family is from Venafro. I would love to get over there to visit some day.

I know one thing, I'm not going to MALTA!


there is a maltese guy at my gym. He is barely 5 ft tall


I've been to lake garda and to Sorrento/Naples area. It's really nice




Ci sono due tipi di persone, gli italiani e loro che coloro che vogliono loro.


The birth place of good cooking,fascism,and women? YUP.


I really hope to make it to Italy some day. I had a friend that was born in Rome that told me the most wonderful stories about Italy and all the wonderful things that I need to experience. He is Italian and I adore him, so I cannot imagine how great a whole country of these wonderful Italian men must be.

that and the architecture and history. I am a history major.

ah Stefano... someday.


are you originary from here bro?


I have a mate who is a teacher in Florence and he'll never come home.

He was back here on holiday recently.
I said what about that lame ass penalty they knocked us out of the world cup with in 06?
He said get over it.
I got on my soap box and started ranting and raving about the dubious sexuality of people who play foooooz...foooo.... foo......(shakes head like a dog).........soccer.
His eyes glazed over

Apart from that i'll be visiting him one day and will surely love it :slightly_smiling: