Do You Lift with Your Ring On?

Where do you put your ring when you are at the gym? I wear my ring but dont like to when training and often take it off before I go.

I hardly ever wear my ring. I can’t for safety reasons at work. I guess since I’m not used to it, it’s pretty uncomfortable the one or two times I’ve lifted with it.

My ring stays on my key ring.

Ha! This is funny because yeah, my ring is all bent out of shape.
Sometimes when I’m deadlifting I remember to take it off…I’ve put it on my shoelace then tied the shoelace into a double knot.

If I’m lifting on the road, it goes in the center console of the car with the wallet. Taking it in the gym, I’d be prone to lose it. I get a little OCD about it too (have to check 10 times before I depart the truck). It goes right back on after lifting.

It goes on the counter next to the door along with my watch (I train in my back yard). I leave it on for leg days.

On a chain around my neck.

I used to tie it to my shoelace, I also have a clasp on my key ring that I would sometimes use. Now a days I lift at home so it goes on my stereo.

I train at home, so I just leave my ring on my desk while I’m training.

Keep it on. I would lose it in a second. I’m on my second ring. MY first one was gold and got all bent out of shape and scratched up. It was oval shaped. I got a new one with wife’s approval online. The new one is titanium. Still scratched but it doesn’t bend out of shape. I get a little callous or blister on that hand from it sometimes but nothing serious.

And God dammit ID! How am I supposed to reply to this thread at work with your avatar on my screen? Someone’s going to walk up behind me.

I leave it my wallet.

Which is in my bag.

Which is in my locked gym locker.

I leave it on the dresser in the bedroom. Really don’t see a reason to wear it to the gym, I’d just mess it up.

Just get it tattooed on, what could go wrong?

Oh wait…

[quote]XanderBuilt wrote:
I leave it my wallet.

Which is in my bag.

Which is in my locked gym locker.[/quote]


[quote]Iron Dwarf wrote:
I train at home, so I just leave my ring on my dick while I’m training.

Good idea, keep it close

leave it at home on my dresser.

I take it off only on back day. In my bag in a locker.

I tie it in the string on my pants. but no I don’t wear it because it would get trashed and make the callous under it ever worse.

I put my shoelace through it and tie a double knot. No chance of me losing it or misplacing it.

I have a tungsten ring so I could lift in it all I want and it won’t warp or scratch, but it’s uncomfortable so I take it off.

I leave it at home, not worth the risk of losing it.