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Do You Know Your Max Heart Rate?


Somewhat related to heart issues mentioned. Last night one of my dogs walked on me while I was sleeping. Still partially dreaming & thinking I was being attacked, I just reflexively launched him off the bed. As I was actually waking up, my heart was pounding. It felt really weird to have my heart racing (pounding) that hard in a situation where I wasn’t exercising. That part of it really freaked me out. Sometimes I do think, how our hearts can just stop while we’re sleeping, and it’s kind of creepy. My heart rate is getting low again, just so much long duration runs, so I hope it wasn’t actually related to that, and instead was just related to my dog freaking me out.

Oh and the dog was ok. I couldn’t find him for a while because he was traumatized/hiding, thought he was hurt but he’s a meatball so we lucked out.



Nice bro.

Once when my daughter was little (4ish?), she had a bad dream and came in our room to my side of the bed. Coincidentally, either her falling out of bed woke me up or I had coincidentally just woken up, either way I heard the thump when she hit the floor and then her little feet on the carpet coming our way.

She gets to my side of the bed, I sat up and got at her level, and repeated 3-4 times, “it’s okay! It’s okay!” She stood there for a minute looking frightened and then went back to her bed. As she’s leaving my wife says, “why are you yelling at her?” Did not realize I was yelling until she said something, poor kid came in already scared and I probably made it worse.


I side with your wife. Maybe handle those situations more gently! lmao.

That reminds me of my dad… When I wanted to get into dirt bike racing as a kid (~13-14), he got me one (1996? Suzuki RM 80). Long story short, I was flying through some field that I thought I had “cleared” for rocks etc… it had some tall grass in it. Anyway, hit a huge rock going ~65-70 mph. Handlebar immediately crashed into my rib (cracked the handlebar and my ribs). I fly over, skid on the ground for a while, stop, and then I can’t breathe. So i’m sitting there hunched over suffocating, with my dad yelling at me. I’m trying to tell him I can’t breathe, but, I can’t breathe, so I basically think i’m dying. It goes on for what seemed like forever (but probably ~30s or so). Finally when I feel like i’m about to pass out, my diaphragm “releases” and I take in this huge gasp of air. But the entire time my dad was yelling at me “what’s wrong with you!!” bla bla. Bad moment for sure. lol. My rib was permanently “deformed” from that, sticks out weird if i expand my ribcage.



Like I said, I didn’t mean to yell at her and didn’t realize I was until my wife said something. I was ‘awake’, but not completely.


ah gotcha. ^^ this actually clarifies it more (for me).