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Do You Know Your Max Heart Rate?


Hello! How many people here know their actual max heart rate (not using formulas)?

I’m 35. So my age predicted max according to a few formulas is 183-185.

I hit 184 the other day (in hot weather) according to my garmin/chest strap during some 400m repeats.



You dunk yet?


Hit 188 BPM today on the 8th 400m, so ~102% of age predicted max.

Will bump if I “PR my max HR”.


I’m 41 and most formulas put me in the high 170s, which I have exceeded while doing 400 repeats. A new formula from a Norwegian study is this: 211-(.64 x age)

This puts me at 184 (188 for you), which seems like a more realistic number. Be aware though, even this formula has a margin of error from 10-20 beats. Oddly enough, I was just reading on this very topic last week.


Thanks for the info man! Btw for reference, I think this is the original study:


Yeah that definitely seems more realistic.

I haven’t worn my heart rate monitor for a while. Need to bring it with me in the near future, would be curious to see what my HR tops out at now on some 400’s. 400’s definitely get it higher than anything else.



No idea

It actually decreases as you get fitter, though each beat gets more powerful so max blood supply increases


I can hit 185 running, I’m fat.

Hit 206 during an arythmia that caused tachycardia, lol, that only happened once though and it’s why I’m losing weight and doing LISS cardio now.


Hahaha at new PR for MHR! Only people like us would try & beat a heart rate that already felt terrible/ close to death haha.

I don’t know mine but I’m 41 years old & hit 189 feeling like I could probably get to 200 in something like a 400m race.

211 - (0.64 x 41) =185


lmfao ya. It’s funny thinking about HR PR’s.

I wonder if “MAX HR HUNTING” exists… people out there just trying to hit the highest HR possible & posting the data to forums etc. 8|



“I hit 210 being chased by a bear”


“sawed my hand off last night, check the data: 271!! refresh the leaderboard now bichez”


Yeh I like to play the max HR rate game now and again just to see how far I can push myself. Highest is 206. I’m 27, and a keen runner. Usually on the end of 5ks I sprint last half mile.


Damn I gotta step up my HR game lol I just started running a couple times a week and the highest I get up to is about 165. But that’s on the treadmill hand grips.

Saw recommendations on wrist worn HR monitors somewhere on here but I’m kind of leaning towards the new Apple Watch any suggestions?


Not sure about Apple Watch I’d take a guess on them not been a accurate as the chest straps tho. I got a polar h7 last 4 years it’s never missed a beat


I don’t see myself using a chest strap so it’s likely to be the watch for me because of the other included features. Like not needing my phone on me for music on my headphones. Thanks for the reply though.


Before I used beta blockers (autonomic dysfunction) I could hit 210BPM with ease and hold it there for a good couple of minutes from intense exercise (say 10 minutes of running at a moderate to fast pace), now I can still hit 170-180 with intense enough exercise, however I found it impossible to go above 220BPM no matter what the circumstance, very occasionally I get SVT (not anymore #betablockers) that would get my HR up in the 200s, I’d get nauseous and dizzy. (Note I’ve had my heart checked out, no structural abnormalities or LVH or anything, just sympathetic nervous system dysfunction. (Episodes of SVT would happen randomly) otherwise it would always happen from sitting to standing, now it never happens because beta blockers are like a magic pill. Anyway I’d assume my max exercise achievable HR without beta blockers is around 210-220BPM, otherwise now it’s probably around 190 (but I’d have to work reeeaaallly hard to get it up there) I got it up to around 185 today from very intense, semi prolonged (15 mins fast paced) exercise, was sweating bullets, I burned 300cals in that 15 mins)


I’ve always had issues with chest strap monitors, the size and shape of my lats seems to push them down my body no matter how tight I did the strap. And even when I could get them to stay in place I lost contact/signal quite frequently, so I haven’t used a strap in years. Recently got a garmin vivoactive 3 music (Christmas present), and I’ve been pretty happy with it. Has a lot of features (most of which I don’t use), keeps track pretty consistently. Biggest complaint is it doesn’t work very well when I wear it on the inside of my wrist rather than outside - a necessity when doing kettlebell work.


I’ve thought about that but never tried it - didn’t think it was possible hah. Now i’m curious, will try it eventually.


Have any of your doctors mentioned POTS? It overlaps with many other types of dysautonomia.


Yes, I’m going to a cardiologist soon that specialises in POTS