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Do You Know Your Max Heart Rate?


Hello! How many people here know their actual max heart rate (not using formulas)?

I’m 35. So my age predicted max according to a few formulas is 183-185.

I hit 184 the other day (in hot weather) according to my garmin/chest strap during some 400m repeats.



You dunk yet?


Hit 188 BPM today on the 8th 400m, so ~102% of age predicted max.

Will bump if I “PR my max HR”.


I’m 41 and most formulas put me in the high 170s, which I have exceeded while doing 400 repeats. A new formula from a Norwegian study is this: 211-(.64 x age)

This puts me at 184 (188 for you), which seems like a more realistic number. Be aware though, even this formula has a margin of error from 10-20 beats. Oddly enough, I was just reading on this very topic last week.


Thanks for the info man! Btw for reference, I think this is the original study:

Yeah that definitely seems more realistic.

I haven’t worn my heart rate monitor for a while. Need to bring it with me in the near future, would be curious to see what my HR tops out at now on some 400’s. 400’s definitely get it higher than anything else.



No idea

It actually decreases as you get fitter, though each beat gets more powerful so max blood supply increases