Do You Know Your Gear is Legit?


How do you guys know that the gear you are using actually contains what it states? And not containing some toxic stuff? Im a newbie and I have no clue of how to see which sellers that are legit and actually sell what they state…so many scams and underdosed/wrong dosed products - atleast thats what I hear

Personal experience…I purchase my gear from a domestic sponsor of a steroid forum where users can rate the seller and their experience. I know I have superb stuff because my Total Test was over 5000 at a gram a week of test.

FWIW, a few years ago I was on 500mg a week of test and had a blood test come back at >6500.

Find a vendor that sells a well known product, you can check batch numbers on that manufacturer’s website to see if it’s legit. A large manufacturer is more likely to be concerned with quality than Joe from the gym brewing it up it his basement.

problem is I find it really hard to find real sources tbh, also it seems like sources keep changing their quality…some ppl say some are gtg while some say they got scammed

You have to find the right forum like I mentioned in my first post, then read the ratings

hm okay. guess i will keep searching

I wish I could tell you more but forum rules prevent it.

ya man dw. sadly you cant even private message ;s