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Do You Know This Muscle?


It has grown with the rest of my body, i got it on both arms, and its just like a small biceps.. what can this be?? I dont know anyone who'd had it...


Use your other hand for a little while.


lol. I just spat out my coffee. Thank you sir.


Have you ever injured your wrist?


OP is a special person.


Cant really tell from that angle, but it looks like your flexor carpi ulnaris, it could be a ruptured tendon.

you should probally get that checked out.. lol


Ive had it all my life and have never had any wrist problems.. if you need more pics or sth let me know. It doesnt hurt nor anythin either..


Ive got the same thing just not as pronounced


wow it's a new muscle, maybe you'll be able to lift extra heavy weight.

hold on is that you in avatar? hmm guess not


OP... go over to the Bodybuilding forum and ask the guy who has 100% arms. I'm sure he can help you


I've got that too, only in my picking hand from guitar, I figured that was what developed it to poke out so much. But yea, we might have cancer.


That looks like some sort of anomaly in the m. palmaris longus. See a doctor if you experience tingling or discomfort, as that could indicate pressure on the medianus nerve.


Could be a tumah.