Do You Know Any Ultra Low Dose T Gel/Cream?

Hi all, I’m searching for a very low dose testosterone gel or cream, near 2mg/application. I know this is strange, but is there anyone that has tried it or maybe know some product like this?The goal is to use it only for a local effect, minimizing systemic absorption. Even if I’ve got really low free T, (for which I’m investigating, given normal range total T and very high range LH), I’m not comfortable with the use of any aromatizable steroid. The only experiment I want to perform is to apply a topical formulation to the face to see if it can virilize facial structure with long-term use (mainly masseter that is easier to change than bones with steroids). The only nonaromatizable topical steroid I can find is mesterolone, which I suppose it has less effect on masseter size than pure testosterone, so I will use it if only I do not find a good alternative. I can easly get a 50mg gel formulation, but it is too high. Even if I use it once a month, I do not want to raise temporarily my total T with that dose.

Thanks for help

You’re looking for a compounded cream which can be customized for any dose. I typically give 2mg to 8mg daily to women. You’ll need to go through a compounding pharmacy.


And I thought that he was looking for extra problems…

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Thank you for the suggestion, do you know any online with EU delivery and can some names be posted? Thanks

Creo que va a tener solo mas problemas de esta camino, y es mejor que no persiguen eso.


I don’t think that spot application will work. It may give you an overall very brief higher testosterone level i general, and then your body will adapt and either lower production or shut you down entirely.

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Thankyou very much, it is exactly the thing I wanted to know, as I want to avoid increasing T absorption and related sides, I asked about the ultra low dosage hypotesis

Not sure but would ‘mewing’ help with this muscle? I’ve seen a few YouTube guys do videos on that in an attempt to alter your resting facial stucture

Now that you asked that question, I agree with hardartery. You would be wasting your money.


No I mean mewing. Watch the videos by More Plates More Dates, I think he has the most reasoned approach to most things

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No. Any of them will increase serum test if anything. You have aromatase everywhere in your body, so you cannot really avoid it.

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No misunderstanding.


If it absorbs then it’s going to increase blood levels. That’s just how it works.

What you’re asking makes no sense.

What is your concern with estrogen?

I think this is where your argument falls apart. It just doesn’t work that way, otherwise guys rubbing cream on their balls would have giant balls, like South Park style. You’re not going to grow a bicep muscle (for example) just by rubbing test cream on it

No, but I get the idea, and that’s entirely different from local, topical androgens. It’s going to go into your bloodstream and begin circulation, attaching to SHBG and be shuttled to AR in tissue all over your body. I don’t think applying test cream to your face will act specifically and only on the messiter muscle.

I don’t see any studies or references in your post, but if they exist, I’d be curious to see them.

In the end, like you stated above, it’s an experiment. Maybe someone will get you some test cream for women, low dose, and you can try it and prove me wrong. I’d be very interested in your results.