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Do You Jab Your Needle All The Way In?

Just experimenting with different gauge needles etc as I’m moving on from just pinning my quads.

Currently been doing delts- I’m finding it hard to steady the barrel as I squeeze the plunger… obvs with quads I could use 2 hands. With delts I’m reaching across with one hand.

Is it ok to put the needle all the way so it butt’s up to the skin?

What length needle are you using? If .5" long, then yes I think you can put it all the way in (I do).

I’ve got an array of different sizes I’ve bought to experiment with.

I’d be interested what sizes people use for different injection sites and go all the way in or not with those sizes.

My response was in regards to delts. I think most should go all the way in if using 0.5" long needles. Some may not be able to get to the muscle with that if they are higher on the body fat. I don’t think too many would be so lean and have such a lack of muscle that it would go too far if all the way in.

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I’ll have a look what I’ve got in a bit. Got half an eye on the TV at the min with BOJO announcing a UK wide lockdown again for 6 weeks. Kids off school etc!

Fucking ball ache this virus is becoming!

How many vaccines do you have approved? We have 2 here in the states. I thought the UK had 3?

My state has been in lockdown for the last 7 weeks, but it sounds like they will reopen some stuff here in a week. Luckily the gyms were only locked down for 4 of those weeks. This last year, the gyms have been forced shut for about 5 months total.

2 I think. We’ve got a couple of new strains that are spreading badly now though so the PM has called a national lockdown as of tomorrow.

Kids off school. Dont go out and all that jazz.

Think dry January just got cancelled for lots of folks lol

It is frustrating. The most frustrating part for me has been watching a portion of Americans refuse to do the easy things (wear a mask, wash hands, stay a few feet away when talking). I am mad that it has become largely a political thing. IMO, if we didn’t have to deal with the adult children, we wouldn’t have had to lockdown at all.

Sorry for the derail.


.5” needle user here. I stick the needle all the way in.
People say masks dont work, it’s an infringement upon our freedoms, its religious persecution, its a hoax, its real but Jesus is a healer. The tone was set from the get go by our Leaders and its been a disaster. It couldve been stopped a few months, but people are facebook professors all of a sudden. It makes sense that people dont know who to trust. Heck we trust TRT people online more than the Docs. The new Dark Ages are upon us!


@middleages is that just for delts?

I inject in the VG, and works great for me.

You getting into the muscle with a slin pin in the glutes?

The ventroglute is easy and yes plenty of length to get in there. The glute is further behind me and I have no interest in pinning there anymore. Recent labs also show that its working.

Had a look. Smallest Ive got are 29g 5/8" so a touch longer.

Did a quad with one if them today and butt it up. Worked fine.