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Do You Inject a Bit Extra Every Time ?


If you usually take 1ml per shot do you load a bit extra into the dart to account for the space in the syringe that cant be squeezed out when the plunger is fully depressed?

I have gotten into the habit of takin a bit extra per shot to ensure i get at least 1 full ML into the muscle

Occasionally a small amount is lost after the needle is removed from the muscle etc

am i the only one who takes a bit extrra to compensate for this ?


If I want 1ml I'll use the first line (on a 3ml barrel) as the start point instead of the 'whole syringe'. I'll draw to 1 line past the 1ml mark. Not easy to explain. This allows me to know that I have exactly 1ml. Anything left over in the needle or a drop that comes out when swapping is a minute amount.


What you refer is to called the dead space. The typical 3ml syringe that most of us use is going to have approx. .13ml of dead space. However, that amount is not calculated into the amount of oil in the barrel of the syringe. So if you intended to put 1ml in just draw to the 1ml line and you'll plunge 1ml in. Just be aware that 1.13ml is actually coming out of your vial.

This is a classic reason why so many guys think their UGL stuff is underfilled because they only get 9 1ml shots out of a 10ml vial but if you factor in dead space 9 x 1.13 = 10ml.

Some guys I know intentionally try to leave an air bubble at the bottom of the syringe so that dead space can be forced threw. Its a mixed approach though as there are negatives too.

At the end of the day just factor in that you're probably going to lose than tenth of a ml every shot. This is of course worse if you're only drawing out day .5ml versus 2ml at least in terms of percentage.


This is what I do and was trying to explain. I still don't get 10 1ml shots but I get about 9.5. I actually discovered that 1ml on the barrel means 1.1ml by accident and I'm glad I did.


I put an air bubble in the top of the syringe, and inject until I here the syringe 'hiss' as the all the oil is cleared out and air goes through the needle. I never once had a problem.


i usually fill a 5ml syringe from the vial but i usually take about 1.4 ml every time

this means i get three generouos shots per 5ml

I like to make sure im geting at least 250MG+ into the muscle

Theres always the possibility the gear is slightly underdosed although thats a topic for another thread someday !


Ditto. It means one wastes so little that one can get 10ml from 10ml.


That is so damn useful to know, thanks for the heads up...

But I still only get 8.5mL's worth of theoretical injections on out my UG lab bottles, not even 9 :frowning: