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Do You Increase Weight on Assistance?

Do you increase weight on assistance lifts?

I have been thinking of doing the same as with the main lifts.

I tend to do the same weight for 3 X 10 and increase it the next time I do that exercise. I have been thinking of doing a 10-8-6 with increasing weight.

Any advice?

Increase the weight when the next weight won’t be a problem. You’re going heavier on and concentrating on your main lifts, don’t take too many recovery resources from assistance. I think it’s generally recommended to keep assistance at higher reps. I know in the new book Jim mentions weighted dips and not recommending going below 8 reps on those. Dips are actually one of the only assistance exercises I push a little bit because I know for a fact that they help my press. I work on trying to improve my DB rows as well and also chins (either adding more weight for my weighted sets or more reps for body weight.

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I went back to the books and it seems only increase in weight is main lifts and supplemental lifts. Assistance lifts is open, as you mentioned, to your better judgement if not stated by Wendler otherwise.

I might just mix it up.