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Do You Hide Your Use from Your Significant Other?

Storage unit? Is that an option?

Best option is honesty, this could be a deal-breaker as the dude above specified. People are shitheads, especially when they let their emotions cloud their judgement (I’ve never understood how people let a single bout of emotion cause extensive altercation that changes the relationships they have with others for the rest of their lives, it’s silly to me)

So she finds it, a few years later there’s a fight and because she feels all upset suddenly it’s a good idea to rat you out to the authorities…

Just get a doctor to prescribe you trt then she will never know what your injecting and she can’t bitch because it’s doctors orders.

Im reality tho man your situation is a set up for disaster. Trying to hide things from your partner is probably the worse thing that you can do. She will find out and trust will be lost. I still stand by my original post. If she can’t accept your goals for your body then she isn’t the one. I’m not saying she has to be supportive but she should be respectful of your choices. I keep my gear in my safe with all the other stuff my wife doesn’t like in the house so Its out of sight out of mind.

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Thanks for posting the study. I will give it a read.

I am going to meet up with my doctor in about two weeks to talk about ADHD meds. I was diagnosed with ADHD at around 9, I am 31 now. The symptoms are still there, and are holding me back in my career, and I am starting to get feedback that my areas of struggle are all the problem areas related to ADHD.

The meds scare me. I was on Ritilan as a kid, but really don’t remember. My mom was antivax before it was a cool thing to do, so after about a month she pulled me off, even though I had huge improvements at school.

You gave the generic name, but it is Adderall, right? Do you find it as effective as two years ago? The thing that scares me is needing more and more to get an impact from it.

Some insight from someone who understands AAS, and other drugs would be helpful to me.

I am also starting to think that my low T, might have been from ADHD. I suffer insomnia which is a symptom of ADHD. My mind races especially at night. The TRT has helped the insomnia a bit.

Edit: Sorry if I am hijacking here.

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Study is merely a case report of high level drug abuse combined with AAS.

It’s been more than two years without stims as I’ve tried my best to go without them, yet they help with my concentration so tremendously it’s hard to say the benefits don’t outweigh the risks.

As to tolerance, I haven’t noticed much of a difference in tolerance since starting them (bout 7 days ago) however this is very early times. Tolerance does develop somewhat, it’s inevitable, however so long as you don’t abuse the drugs (looking for a high) you should be fine. The first time I took the Dex about seven days ago it gave me a buzz, that feeling has since died down significantly, yet the positive effects regarding my concentration and cognitive function have remained.

Adderall is methylphenidate, I couldn’t tolerate methylphenidate, but was able to withstand dexmethylphenidate and dexamphamine in the prodrug form of lisdexamphetamine.

Dexamphetamine is one of the amphetamine salts present in Adderall

Adderall is not Ritalin. Generic for Adderall is amphetamine, I’ve had a scrip for 20 years. If Ritalin works, Adderall will not and vice versa - they are different salt compounds that target slightly different things.

Questions without answers. Here is the thing about Strongman - when I was competing it was fairly standard practice for the heavies to be on a “cruise” (no one called it that at the time) of 1 gram of test depot a week, irrespective of actual cycles in build-up to competitions. The running joke with the wives and girlfriends was that they were “with the bald guy with a goatee and tattoos”. The facial hair was to hide bloat and they all had hair loss from use. A lot of guys that I competed with are dead, others probably should be. There were insane things going on, one guy was even known to inject adrenaline before events (and he was/is famous). Everything on here is tame compared to that scene, and the oddest part to me is that I was clean. I do TRT now, but I was in there with these guys with a sub 300 test level.
We know a lot less about how this works than we should.

I was responding to unreal. He mentioned dexamphetamine, and in his reply mentioned it is one of the amphetamine salts in Adderall.

I was on Ritilan, but I have had Adderall twice, and it worked.

Jesus Christ… Were orals also frequently employed?

Cruising on a gram… Damn… My left ventricle is swelling up… My arteries are hardening

Were recreational drugs also commonplace?

Do you find your meds work pretty well still? I am trying to gather as much info as possible.

Any other insight you might have for someone that may be starting meds for ADHD?

Adderall is made up of two of the salts, Ritalin is a different combination of salts -I don’t remember off-hand which ones. The shrink typically tries you on one and gauges how well it does or doesn’t work and depending on that he leaves you on it or changes to the other. There are one or two other newer ones out now that are a bit different, I don’t know much about them. Really what they are doing is preventing uptake of dopamine, because you under-produce it so in this way they can keep what you have in your brain for a longer period of time to let you benefit from it.

Didn’t Mariusz Pudzianowski fail for cocaine in WSM? It was right in the middle of his winning streak too. Many think he would have won 6 WSMs if not disqualified. Don’t know how common it is with other competitors though?

I only use Adderall for stress. I self-medicate with coffee usually. Meds work fine, but dose depends on stress level, I’ve taken as much as 180 mg a day to get an effect, and as little as 10 mg. It does not work the same with TRT, the exogynous test causes weirdness with catecholamines and their processing. I’m not sure how to describe it, but it’ very much different in it’s actions while on TRT.

The only thing tested for in WSM is stimulants, like cocaine. Mariusz did fail for a stimulant rumoured to have been coke. He would have won a lot less WSM’s if there weren’t two pro leagues at the time, Savickas was competing in the other league with some of the other best competitors. I didn’t see a lot of stimulant use, not coke or the like. Mariusz was a bit stupid about things, he also worked for the Polish mafia selling drugs and collecting. There are some great Strongman, but really there’s Savickas and then there’s everyone else.

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My wife is aware and supportive of my cruising and blasting as long as I never use Tren again. She hated that.

She even pins me twice a week.

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Savickas is my favorite. We will see what Thor does though. He has looked pretty dominate for the past year or so.

Did you by any chance hear the interview with Mark Henry? I was like lol Mark. He claimed he believed everybody at the Arnold and WSM were clean. I think he said it to make it seem as if he was always clean, and that it never occurred to him that his competitors might be using PEDs.

I never met Mark personally, but he is a little “special” from what I understand. He was an O-lifting prodigy that was trained by Terry Todd, and washed out at the olympics. He has all the genetics, but nothing else. And nobody at the Arnold or WSM is clean. It is the most level playing field in existence, you can use whatever you want or not use it and there are no illusions. I never thought for a second anyone else out there was clean, except the one or two guys that I knew personally enough. It’s an open secret, everyone knows but you don’t talk about it past one-on-one. Even at that, there were a few guys that told me then that they were clean and later on told me that they so definitely were not.

Its not illegal to have a personal use amount of PEDs in Canada in your possession I’m fairly certain

Im hoping to be in that situation. Out of site out of mind. And the kids see litterely nothing. But at this rate im not sure shes gunna make the cut. And if this ones off the team, i don’t want her telling her friends about my use. I hate that people take credit away where credit is still due for all the hard work we put in regardless of the products we utilize to get maximum potential out of ourselves.


Hijack away bro. This topic is all around gold for answers I’ve been seeking.

I can tell you one thing. It is super common for the average night life steroid user to abuse rec drugs. And over use PEDs to keep up some tv star image while living like rockstars. On the west coast oil fields 1 in five guys were on juice and 1 in 2 do coke…