Do you have a gonad?

How many of you use chalk when you train? If you do, do you use a block, a gonad (squashy ball made of netting, full of loose chalk) or the just the powder? Which do you prefer and why?

I’ve never tried the chalk bags before (gonad?? that’s a new one on me…) I get a block of climbing chalk from an outdoor goods store (REI), break it up, and store it in a Gladware container.

I use the bag. It was only after a looong discussion with the owner of the World Gym where I workout that I was allowed to use it. This gym generally outlaws chalk. In fact you get in more trouble for using chalk than wearing work boots and blue jeans while working out (both are also outlawed). If I had the room and the money for a good Leg Press machine I would only work out at home.
Best of Luck.

I use a gonad (also new to me!) in a rockclimbing bag for max effort deads and farmer’s walks. I always lay out my towel so as not to make a mess, and no one from the gym has said anything yet. I’ve been at this gym for about 6 months, and am the only one there using chalk. Actually, I’m the only one there doing deads and farmer’s walks.:slight_smile:

I break up a block into a zip-lock bag and take it with me that way.

I’m a ziplog bag guy like Steve. Great minds think alike.:slight_smile:

When I’m away from my normal weight room, which has a chalk box right next to the Platform, I smuggle half a block of chalk in in a soap dish. I usually wipe the bar down (blasphemy!) just to avoid the inevitable “No chalk aloud!” signage.

I’m a big fan of the chalk ball or “gonad” as you put it. I can use all the chalk I want without making a total mess.

I have used chalk (gonad is new to me though).I don’t blame the gyms for banning chalk or gonad because, people don’t use it right and it gets all over the place and who’s got to clean the mess? If everyone used it correctly I don’t think it would be ban in any gym. Few people make it bad for all of us who use it right.

I never knew there was a right and a wrong way to use chalk. Care to elaborate?

Wow, I thought that the term gonad was common, I guess not. I went into the climbing store and they were throwing around the term gonad like it was common knowledge. I have been using the powder in a container for a couple of weeks but now think I will try using a gonad
for a while. The free powder is too messy.

Oh man thats so funny, go to the UK and ask a man in a pub if he has gonads and see what happens, i’ll be there with the video camera!

I use a block of chalk. What’sthe best way to make a “gonad”? I’m sick of the shit I get for making a mess.

I just have to comment that people who bitch about a little chalk in the gym have got to be among the biggest fg ps on this planet. I can’t comprehend why someone would make such a fuss over such a mundane thing; to me its mundane at least, but what do I know.

you don’t need to stuff your whole hand in chalk and then pat it are round so it goes all over the place. Just rub little between your hands. Don’t need to overuse powder if you know what I mean.

I’ve become a fan of the spray grip. My stupid gym discourages chalk, so this is a decent alternative.

Other than buying a gonad I have heard that you can make one out of a stocking. I would imagine that you would just put the loose powder in a stocking, tie the end off and store the stocking in another container. Squeeze the stocking with your hands and the powder will seep through powdering your hands.

This is what I have heard I have not made one yet. Also apparenlty the stocking allows more through than the proper im not sure if it would be better mess wise or not...maybe it would be good to use two layers of not sure

sorry i couldnt have been of more help. Does anyone else know?

I think that would work. I’d probably double up (or quadruple) the layers so that less chalk comes out. I’d also still keep it in a bag or tupperware container, as some will always leak out.

Chalk Blocks and Powdered Chalk. Blocks for the barbell and powder for the hands. Seems to work well.