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Do You Have a Future?


While state-by-state statistics for this expanded definition of unemployment are not available, it is very likely that the real unemployment rate in Michigan is now approaching 25 percent, and that in a number of states, including California, it is around 20 percent. On a national level, this broader rate of unemployment and underemployment stood at 16.4 percent in May. These are near-depression-level figures.



Sucks in the short term but in the longer term things will turn around.


O look- another "the sky is falling" thread from the Princess. I am sure that you and your tin-foil-hat crowd will see some good in the idea that many homosexuals are unemployed. Given your hatred of that group (and many others), you should take the day off and celebrate.



Unemployment is the free market at work. I have a job, so why should I care if anyone else does?


Princess? How is pointing out facts a "the sky is falling" thread? Look, just because you have a future bagging groceries is no reason to attack those of us who're better off.


Dear Princess- all of your threads are of the "sky is falling" variety.

Paper or plastic- douchebag.



Plastic. Put over your head, tie knot. Well done.


it's thinking like this that makes this world such a shit place to live. sad.


I agree. I'm assuming you haven't read anything else I've written here in PWI...


One very big reason we will become a Socialist world is that people will never vote to be unemployed. They will always vote for the person who promises them a utopia.

Democracy/Republicanism and capitalism are incompatible.


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I love the fact that armchair "Republicans" (and I use that term loosely since I think we can all agree there is no Republican movement anymore, only Neoconservatives and Moral Majority demagogues) always blame the Democrats for everything, yet offer no alternative.

Stop parroting the talking heads. I'm so sick of the efforts of politicians to demonize one another, rather than make a freaking decision. Not that the Democrats are any better, but at least ideas for social change are being brought forth. The current system is untenable, everyone can agree to that, yes?

The idea that every man should have a plot of land and a gun, and take care of his own, free of taxes and other monetary burdens is fallacy- until that man learns to farm his own vegetables, shoot and cook his own food, take his own trash to the dump, manage his own sewer, etc. etc.

You can't have it half way, people. If you're going to sit around on a forum and complain, get out there and change your life. Move to a desert island and build your own compound, stop with the whiny philosophy, it's nothing but cowardice.

I doubt anyone here thinks Socialism can work or is "utopia", not with the fundamental knowledge that people are corrupt in nature- NO system of government is without potential for corruption, therefore all of this railing and rending of garments is ridiculous.

Republican, Democrat, for us to put our faith blindly in the system is obviously irresponsible, and questioning them is our right, since we live in a country that suffers criticism of it's leaders. Thank goodness.


Hey I could do even better!

I can amass enough money, in part by not paying taxes, move to a Switzerland canton on paper that only wants 1,8% income tax and live wherever else I want in Europe in real live.

I could laugh at all the suckers who toil for such a rotten system and make a killing when it collapses.

I like that so much better than growing my own food.


Not exactly.

Logically, there is no reason why there should be any wide-scale unemployment without some sort of underlying interventionist process in the works. Even as businesses go in and out of existence in the free market the unemployment rate would not be as high as one percent because not every business in a specific industry is negatively affected by the fault of an other business man. This is not true when there is widespread intervention. What we are seeing with these higher rates is solely caused by cheap and easy credit made possible by fractional reserve banking which is guaranteed by the Fed.

The bills are due but no one has the means to pay -- it's reverse trickle-down economics.


Many of us can still do all these things.

You know, a country boy can survive and what not.


Ive yet to meet any country person who does not continually rely on government roads and maintenance like its governement cheese.


Things will turn around, but for those that are homeless now because of losing there jobs and home may be fucked for life.


Capitalism does not rest upon a foundation of selfishness. Self interest is not selfishness. A free market system requires a relatively morally charged populace and a sever limit on centralized power.