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Do You Have a Friend like This?


Seems like, if he goes on a date, he MUST show the girl to his friends.
like the girl is a trophy, and he wants validation from his friends that he is with a 'hot' chick.
whats the plan tonight? well he has no plans but to be with her and try to hang out with the girl and any of his friends.
joke is on him, everyone is going out tomorrow, tonight its him and the girl, and no friends around in the bars to show her off to.
and I know her height and weight, he repeated it 11 times in 30 minutes at lunch.
If I am taking a girl out, i have no interest in showboating her to my friends, in fact I probably plan on just going back to my place. not driving her bar to bar looking for friends to look cool in front of.


I actually had my fiance body painted gold and I carry her around on a wooden platform.


strongman-style cardio anyone?


I have a few friends who always feel the need to show off or talk about their dates/gf in front of the boys. Seriously, does it really matter if my friends find my date/gf attractive? If I do then that's all that matters. Screw these assholes!! hehe


Ffs, Is he 21?


stick it in her pooper, in front of him.


I'm guilty of this by default.
I pork fat wominz.
It's hard to hide them.


I don't blame you.


It's somewhat ironic that for many young, heterosexual men, the validation from their peer group they receive based on how many chicks they fuck or how hot said chicks are trumps the satisfaction they likely receive from the sexual acts themselves. For them, the desire to be perceived as a man of great sexual prowess dwarfs the desire for sex itself. I'm not sure how generalized this phenomena is, but I've noticed it among some men my age(18-25). Hopefully, it's something they grow out of.


It isn't...until your first fat girl.
But even then, you feel the need to get validation from black guys about the quality of the marbling you are working with on the meat.
You just can't win out here, man.


Tell us about it?


early 30s


I little more in depth on his persona
My buddy who is like 53? bachelor, who was a machine with the ladies for a good 30 years
captain of football team/hockey team etc in HS, College, and probably deep into his 40s still dating girls half his age
but now maybe its his test is low, he hasn't done well for a while. well he has leaned out, dieted down, to a great lean weight for him, he's like a new man
So when told how great a job cutting up he did, the FRIEND mentioned at the beginning of this thread said
"what did he get in shape, he won't get laid"

I blew it, I should have said something right there, like, "when he was your age you are now, he was banging miss nude world" (true)

So what the guy is 53 or 54, admits he is on the downside of the mountain, why kick him about it.
its crappy to realize a friend is an idiot.
atleast he'll let me get drunk and be the designated driver.