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Do You Hate Muslims?

 Yesterday i saw a video on filecabi.net,in which ashley blue the pornstar was asked if she would have sex with an al-quida or something guy,to which she said she would not and she f**king hates muslims.What soes this mean that she hates ALL muslims.

Since one opinion wont matter to me, i would ask you do you hate muslims and if yes,for the sake of God why?
P.S I am a muslim



I hate all of those misogynist, fascist, towel wearing, curry powder having, communist, bomb making, pedophile, bearded terrorist fuck heads!

Actually, I am a Muslim, although not a really dedicated one, and I don't condone any of the above activities. Except the beard. Big bushy beards are killer.


I have nothing against muslims - I have many muslim friends.

It's terrorists that I have a problem with.


The thing I don't like about the muslim religion is how bad the women are treated and that you can't drink alcohol. There's like a million prohibitions. And believing that there is a God and worship him thrice a day isn't really cool.

But then again, I don't know anything that wasn't in the TV, about muslims, so my opinion is probably rather biased.

One of my friends is a muslim, and he's nice :slight_smile:


How about the ones in charge of Northern Ireland now? At any rate, it's a silly question- don't associate all westerners with someone who sells their body for a living, or you're just as narrow minded.


I doubt Ashley Blue has had much exposure to other cultures or education in between film sessions of double anal and swallowing ejaculate.


a friend said to me recently

"i dont hate muslims i dispise all religions, they just recieve more of my scorn because they're stirring more shit than others right now, scientologists too"

the guy is a hard core commie


pretty much it, but lol@ finding inspiration for a thread from a porn star :slight_smile:


You cancheck the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2oD7AT2TDc

Anyhow it shows how uneducated and simple minded people are these days. Although I do not exactly understand the Muslim way of life I do not hate them its the terrorists who give muslims a bad name, who are extremists....







If everyone cared and nobody cried
If everyone loved and nobody lied
If everyone shared and swallowed their pride
Then we'd see the day when nobody died




I don't hate any group based on religion, race etc.

I do think that there is too much violence done in the name of Islam and moderate Muslims need to step up and speak out against it much more forcefully.


Well said, all of it.


No, actually - it doesn't. It shows how uneducated and simple-minded this one person is. In broad historical terms, "people" are generally more likely to be educated "these days" than at any time in the past. As for "simple minded", well - education and simple-mindedness aren't mutually exclusive, if you know what I mean.

I'm a person. You're a person. We are all people. That doesn't mean we are all the same, and I won't have myself compared to that idiot.

This post brought to you by Righteous Indignation(tm). Get some - it does a spirit good.


I don't hate muslims, but I hate organized religion. Organized religion has always been a political tool. History has shown this too many times.

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I don't think any less of muslims due to terrorism, nor do I think less of Americans because of Bush...


"Anyhow it shows how uneducated and simple minded people are these days. "

dude she is a fucking porn star! not a shining example of intelligence or a decent cross section of society.