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Do you guys shave? LOL.

I only shave my upper arms and thats it. I ve heard of some permanent hair removal procedures. Anybody try them? Were they succesful and how much did they cost? I am not hairy but sometimes hair is just an uneccesarry evil.

I had my girl use NADS and it hurt like hell (back) I believe the only permanent way is through electrolysis. Get a girlfriend who does it cuz it costs a lot. Otherwise jsut shave or wear a shirt.

I shave everything. Actually I had hernia surgery last week, so now I REALLY shave everything. LOL Just get sensitive skin shaving gel, and a mach 3. I have nads, it made me bleed out my pores! I swear! Shaving is great, though, better muscle definition, and once you get good at it, I can shave by whole body (sans pubes) in like 3-4 minutes. The first two times are the worst. Start with clippers or beard trimmers and hit everything at the closest guard. This will make shaving the first time a little more bearable.

changing topics… Animal Mass, did you really have hernia surgery?? I only ask b/c I will probably have to have it in a few weeks… What should I expect?

I’m a proponent of the sleek look and feel. I shave arms, legs and chest/stomach (wish I could hit my back and won’t touch the nads). As a 20 year old college student, sure I draw a few snide remarks and strange looks. But at ~5% BF, the veins, definition and overall effect are downright awesome (and a lot of ladies find it rather attractive). I don’t know if there are any advantages/disadvantages to shaving really, but the aesthetics and the way the definition shows thru really can make you look better and feel more confident. I don’t know, maybe that’s a little overboard, but I actually enjoy it (do get some sensitive skin shaving gel though…may be a bit embarassing in the checkout lane, but have nicks and cuts up and down your legs is a hell of a lot worse!)

Personally, I just shave my balls. Shaving got to be a little cumbersome, so I decided to try some other hair removing alternatives. I tried waxing and tweezers, but I found the electric needle hair removal kit to be most effective at removing those rough, sweaty ball hairs. It takes a bit of getting used to, the crippling pain of a needle going through the testicle and all, but you’ll have the smoothest sack ever with no razor burn, it’s the most sexually refreshing thing you can do for you and your woman, my girlfriend can’t keep her hands out of my pants… she’s also a nympho, but you get my point, once you try it you’ll never go back.

I will start a new thread on the hernia.

Shaving - what a job! It’s almost like working out. Who said 3-4 minutes - sh-- no!!. Or else you’re a midget. It takes me a good 20 minutes. Anyway, I’ve been shaving for many years, and yes periodically I hit the sack. My back is hit once a week by my wife. I do use a Mach 3. I shave at the gym because of the ton of hot water I use. It’s a community shower and the guys think “what the hell?” But I don’t care, they won’t say jack 'cuz I’m 245 @ around 10%BF. Not that I’m gonna kick any ass or anything, it’s just that I think they respect what I do. It does help in training and staying on track with my diet. Everything we do intertwines with our ultimate goal - LOOKING GOOD NEKKED!

SBL…You are a sick dude man. That is hilarious!!!

20 minutes!! Do you shave everyday? That is the trick. Plus, I’m not very hairy, dude said he had to shave his back. Granted I’m only 22, and maybe this guy is alot older, who knows? I just shave legs, arms, pits, treasure trail, nips, and ass. I don’t grow it upper chest or back or anywhere else freaky. If you shave everyday, though, and miss a spot it’s no big deal, cause you’ll get it tomorrow, and it’s so short it won’t show. Anyway, I
m also blond and have fine hair, Lucky me!

I can’t help but chuckle reading all these posts. Being Asian, I have almost no hair above my waist, except on my arm pits and my navel, and just a couple of long stiff hairs reminiscent of the hair on Jeff Goldblum’s back in “The Fly” sprouting from each nipple. My legs are hairy, but not excessively. It sure is great being more evolved :wink:

Wax everything from neck down(except crotch)every 30 days. Hurt like hell the first time, got easier after that. Hyok: There is nothing more evolved about less hair on asians. This was caused by centuries of eating estrogenic soy products. On average Europeans are physically stronger and at least mentally equal.

I’ve shaved my whole body once. And I swear, that when it grew back I was hairier. Now I use trimmers to keep my chest, stomach, arms, pubes, ass and legs trimmed very short. I do shave my pits completely. I had the hair on my back (various patches) removed permanently with laser hair removal. That is the wave of the future right there! I’d have it done on more areas, but it’s expensive and takes multiple visits to get all the hairs.

Science has proven that your hair does not grow back thicker or more when you shave. That would be like saying that more pores popped out hairs that were never there before. Would you really go to all that trouble and expense when you could get a mach 3 and do it yourslef and fast. Also, why would you shave just once? If you want to shave, SHAVE! If you don’t, don’t.

AnimalMass, I shaved my entire body once because I did one of Bill Phillip’s Physique Transformation Contests in 1997. So I had to shave for the “after” photos. Prior to that, I had only shaved my chest, back and arm pits.

And I don’t care what science says because I know that after shaving various parts of my body a few times, hair did grow back that wasn’t there before. Now maybe it was finer and lighter prior to shaving, and after shaving it came back thicker and darker. Or maybe I just get hairier as I get older. Because my body hair has increased since I was 18 (I’m 25 now).

As for shaving, it can be a pain in the ass to do it all the time! I don't want to shave my back! I wanted that hair gone completely! For good!!! I didn't care about the expense because I don't want it there!!!! So for me, it was worth it. And if I want, I can shave other body parts as needed.

But I’ve found that keeping trimmed very short still looks good, and is a good way to keep that “manly” look. Not every girl likes a smooth guy or a guy who spends more time grooming than she does!

It’s my preference guy! Sure, some days I will completely shave my chest and stomach. But overall, I’d rather not have to worry about it all the time. 'nuff said.

Chris. How did you like that NADS? Is it better than shaving? Did it take longer for the hair to come back? Enquiring minds want to know.

I shave everything and although I occasionally get a weird comment from a guy, most girls love it. I guarantee you that more girls say shit about my legs than those hairy fat bastards. I have used Nads and it hurts worse than anything ive everdone in my life. The only place i use it is on my back and sense i dont have much i dont have to deal with it for long. I shave everything else including my head. The only hair i have is a goatee and eyebrows.

Yes. I regularly shave my wife’s pussy. Nothing like diving into a smooth, sweet snatch…mmmmmmmmmm.

Nads made me bleed. It hurt worse than anything ever.