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Do You Guys Ever Do Overhead Cable Curls?


Today I saw a guy in the gym doing overhead cable curls, and I was wondering if any of you guys do these, and what results you got from them. It looks like a shorter range of motion than regular curls but maybe the angle makes them special. Discuss



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Not those kind of cable curls.


I'm 99% positive that is one of those useless exercises that photographers have their model perform because it looks cool. I hate that exercise with a passion, but it does make my biceps look sexah while I'm doing it.


Did them in the past preparing for competitions. I don't see a reason to do them until one can move some serious weights (like 500+ deadlifts, 450+ squats, 350+ bench press), though.


I've seen lots of guys do them at the gym but have yet to try. Heavy bar curls can't be beat but it's always nice to mix things up so you don't get bored.


I've always considered them a waste of a movement. Yeah, they look nice, and you do get to practice holding a front bicep pose, but the ROM is so limited, and there are so many other more bang-for-your-buck exercises to choose from that I can't fathom why so many trainers (usually the younger or newer ones) seem to feel obligated to use this exercise.




I do however like the way regular cable curls feel. I like them at the end of my biceps workout.


hahahaha Not only have I done those I do the version from the knees and back to standing and walking back and forth. Why because I'm a old jacked up f*ck and I normally don't even do arms until I finish my Deadlifts or Bench triceps I hit with close grips bench or rope pull downs. Biceps I play with hammer curls or these. My wrist just don't like regular curls.


Yeh I agree man, to a degree. There are better bang-for-your-buck exercises, and alot of the people that use them have absolutely no F*n clue what they're doing but if you set it up right then I think it can be a good secondary movement. Emphasis on the secondary!


I've never done them and probably never will.


I would only do them to try to assist my double bi poses - they aren't going to do much else.

You cannot go heavy so 12-15 reps will be needed as a minimum.

They do not need to be done by anyone other than a competitive BB and even then, i am pretty-fucking-sure that most could do just as well without their inclusion!

They are a favourite alongside concentration curls, of 140lb, 6' school kids around my way - as i believe is common internationally.


They're about as useful as pushdowns... Both movements don't allow for the kind of progression that helps you make your arms bigger in relation to everything else, they're just sort of a "grow along" exercise... You could do them or not and likely never notice much of a difference except for the pump during your sessions...


CT has prescribed them before.


I guess I'm not understanding why people don't think this exercise is useful. I don't do it often, but think it works fine. I've seen people that cheat by using a small range of motion, but if you do the exercise properly with full range and significant weight, it can be a nice variation from other biceps routines.


I see guys in the gym with spaghetti arms doing those..not sure why.


I believe lee priest does these actually, and he has some freakish arms.


all thanks to the hercules curl too!


I actually like this exercise to throw in as a finishing movement now and again. I wouldn't make it a mainstay of your arm training, but I see no problem in mixing it in as an occasional substitute for concentration curls or preachers. I find it pretty hard to cheat on this movement, and you do get a good pump from them if you really squeeze and hold a double bi pose at the end of each rep. Not to say it will make you huge or strong, but variety can be nice, and besides, you only need to do chins for your arms to be big anyway, right? note sarcasm in last sentence


Yep, as part of a super set.

To be honest, I've never liked them. But my situation is very specific - chronic pain on my left elbow and chronic pain on my right shoulder. This exercise puts a lot of tension in both and I end up putting more energy on retracting my shoulders (to minimize pain in those areas) than in the actual curling.

But even before I developed those problems with my elbow and shoulders, I never quite felt anything with this, either going heavy or light, changing tempo, etc. Wrong technique maybe? Who knows.

For what's worth, I stick to barbell curls, reverse grip curls (with ez-bar), plain-ol' dumbbell/preacher/hammer/cable curls.

With those hercules curls, it's as if I spent more effort in keeping the upper arms and shoulders in position that in curling the damned thing.

They are probably more useful to more knowledgeable people that already have some good amount of bicep meat and know how and when to use them.