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Do You Get PWO Soreness?


How often do you actually get post workout muscle soreness, particularly DOMS? I don't get it too often, but I'm relatively low frequency (4x-5x a week), medium volume, so I'm curious. I
did 10 x 3 for the first time yesterday, on bench with 100 lb dumbbells. I can put them up 8x on a good day, first set, as of relatively recently, but not feeling all that much today and kind of missing the pain...


I get sore anytime I lift heavy or get a good pump. It usually lasts for a day or two, sometimes three, and then I'm good.


Isn't the "D" in DOMS for delayed? It's been my experience (and I've read it multiple times on this forum and in other articles) that sometimes it can take more than 24 hours for the soreness to begin.

I'll say, however, that 10x3 doesn't make me sore in the normal way...but that's a really good thing, because I can lift harder and heavier more often. I think Chad Waterbury mentioned the lack of soreness in the articles where he discusses the 10x3 parameters.

Think performance, not pain.


I occasionally (maybe once every six workouts) get delayed onset muscle soreness with heavy squats (the kind of soreness where it sucks to walk stairs, right at the bottom of the quad), and sometimes after pullups, in my biceps. I'm aware that soreness is necessarily a sign of anything performance wise, but I was just led to wonder about this recently.

I also wonder if low volume and too long breaks between exercise and sets has anything to do with this.

I like performance, but I'm a masochist, damn it.


I also get some minor soreness contigent on whether the muscle is flexing or not, and I think I might have some of that today.

Do you think there is a connection between DOMS and rebound pain (just a hypothesis). I almost NEVER take painkillers, and wondered if some of the severity of DOMS was rebound pain from taking painkiller post-workout. That's a bit out there, as I have basis for it whatsoever, but wondering if it was a possibility.


I get incredibly sore any time I do something new. Other than that, I mostly get sore towards the end of my current training block.


Yes because the painkiller dilates capillaries, and after a while they contract in rebound fashion. This (may) slow down the rate that your immune system can clear out damaged cells.


I always get DOMS from all my workouts. I know they say that isn't the best thing, but it hasn't been a problem either. Besides, I like knowing what I hit the day before.


I get it much worse after lower-body training than upper-body training, but it could be because I have always played a lot of sport and my legs struggle to get complete recovery time.

The more volume, the more the soreness, while frequent training with low volume doesn't get me as sore.

Actually hammies and glutes are pretty sore right now.


I did seated calf raises the other day, don't do that very much (I usually do raises after leg press, standing calf raises, and walking around campus with a laptop and the shitload of books my advisor keeps giving me), and got a bit sore. I understand the seated calf raise works the soleus more than the gastro, os this makes sense.