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Do You Fancy Doing a Survey for Me?


Hey all,

I’m studying sport psychology and I wanted to do a study on the social environment inside gyms and I was hoping some of you would be so kind as to answer a short survey. There’s nothing in it for you unfortunately, although you can supply your email address if you’re interested in the end results. Here’s the link to the survey: https://goo.gl/forms/YzgLQYfPOnKKtKbi2

Muchas gracias


fuck it, I’ll play




You may want to have a qualifier in there for the next survey. “What type of gym do you train at?”

I trained at a meathead dungeon style gym awhile back. Very different culture than La Fitness.


Done. 404 confused at “Other” gender.


This survey was so made for me! It helps having a strip club/brothel above the gym. Makes flirting basically mandatory in there :sunglasses:


Lucky bastard!