do you even lift?

im all for the exchange of ideas but it seems some people come to t-mag to post about politics, religion, etc. … i know i tend to post in the offtopic section more than others… but dammit i least i fucking lift and read the other sections, chiming in when appropriate.

for all the people in the offtopic section:

  1. do you even lift (or do something atheletic at least)?
  2. if so, what are your numbers/stats?
  3. if you post 100 messages a day to offtopic, how do you manage to keep a job, lift, go out with girls, and post in a day’s time?

and no, im not hatin on anyone in particular… i am really curious about this.

I don’t post in here very often but when I do, it is mostly in off-topic. This is partially because I have been lifting 3 years now, so I dont have a ton of questions. When it comes to answering questions, it seems they are more than adequately answered by several others before I even get to them. So without further ado:

  1. Yes, I lift 4x a week (or try to, law school has taken its toll of late but I am getting back on track).

  2. 6’1" 210ish, 16.5guns, 17.5calves 26.5quads, 46chest

  3. I dont post much :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree with you. Some of the people who are always here debating politics and the like, rarely, if ever post on any other forum.
I doubt many of them lift.

i second that…


Lift? You mean like weights and stuff?

Lift? Whatchutalkinaboutboy?

Wow! Settle down, danh! No need to fret…let’s see if I can address your concerns!

Personally, I’ve got the basics down regarding diet/training, so I’m getting kinda bored with the usual posts in the training & nutritional section. Don’t get me wrong, I still read much of it, but I just don’t feel the need to re-iterate what’s been said countless times. As for the Steroids thread, I don’t do 'em, so I tend to ignore much of that section, but I do take a peek every now and then. Also, I have been taking more of an interest in Powerlifting, but I don’t know nearly enough to be posting there. I do know that I’m far away from competing in my weight class. Finally, I don’t do photos…I don’t need anyone pointing out my flaws, I already know them. :slight_smile:

Right now I’m leaning out on a keto diet (I’ve had great success in the past), and I’ll be switching to a T-Dawg style diet by the end of March. I put on about ~10 lbs of LBM since November, but I also gained the same in fat, so it’s time to shed it! Hopefully, at 5’ 3+" I’ll be ~8%BF @ 150 lbs.

My stats:

5’ 3+" - 162lbs @ ~16 BF
31 years old

GOALS: 145-150 lbs @ 8% BF by mid-May
(this would be slightly more lean than last summer - I was ~9 or 10%)

Bench: 1RM = ~260
Squat: 3RM = 275 (calves to hams…full pause at bottom)
Deads: 1RM = 365 raw

I’ve only started doing the full squat and deads in November, so I’m happy with my numbers. Also, when I added carbs back into my diet at about the same time, my strength and LBM went up. No surprise there. I tried MAG-10 once in January, for 5 days, but had to stop because it seemed to interfere with my sleep cycle too much…I had surgery in October to help correct a sleeping disorder, so I didn’t want to risk anything. I might try it again if I start to lose too much LBM or strength on the diet.

Hope that calms your fears, danh!

PS: I also work full-time and go to Grad school, so the T-Forums are a great way to just “escape” from everything for a few minutes while I wait for my laundry, eat dinner or listen to a hockey game/TV show. I do date, but frankly you guys make for more interesting conversation than most women I’ve dated recently. Typically, when I’m actively dating, I post less. As you can probably tell, I haven’t been dating for the past few weeks! I need a break, and so does my wallet. Women are expensive.

I’m probably one of the guys you were referring to as posting all of the time.

1.) Yes, I do lift. I’m at the gym for a couple of hours about 3-5x’s per week.

2.) I honestly can’t tell you exactly what my abilities are since I do not have a training partner and don’t generally risk dropping weight on myself.

What I can tell you is that I am about 5’10", 210lbs, at about 12-14% BF. I squat 5x5 at 275 (to parallel or lower) and deadlifted 355 today (after a few sets at 245 and squats). And I’ve only been deadlifting for about 4 weeks now.

3.) The reason I don’t post on the other pages is because the people who generally do post are much more knowledgeable than me or do a better job of explaining things. Furthermore, I don’t do stereroids and don’t feel the need to keep commenting on the same 7 pictures in the pics forum.

4.) The reason I constantly come to this forum is because I use it to hear some funny stories, hear an occasional new story, engage in some pubic discourse, and so on and so forth.

I am also in the same situation as Sniper99. I am also in law school, need to do what I can to carve out time out of my schedule, can hardly afford food (since we all live on loans), yet alone worrying about getting the best protein or flaxseed oil, and try to find time for my own sanity.

As for girls…if you walked around my school, you’d probably understand why I haven’t put aside much time for them.

The off topic forum is just a good place to check out in between classes or when you have a few free moments online. Since my computer is with me about 17 out of every 18 waking hours, and since I am always on a wireless web, it doesn’t really take me all that much time to drop a line.

dude, you are as guilty as anyone! if that isnt the pot calling the kettle black!

i dont post much, every few days maybe.

lifter- 215 lb, ~15% bodyfat (tough qtr at grad school)

to you i say eat me.

I’ve never lifted weights before, but I plan to start real soon!!!

i agree i believe a pic of self beside our posts would soon weed out the non lifters, if it was towards me i lift 5-6 days a week. 5’7" 175lbs (used to be 165 two months ago). bf i dont keep track of % because percentage numbers are completely useless, all i know is i can see all six. Who cares im bulking.

I think he was refering more to people like: BostonBarrister and Solomon Grundy.

What? Weightlifting?? Never touch the stuff. Makes your balls shrink!

thanks for responding… i guess the nonlifters wouldnt want to admit that they’re posting in the wrong forum…

jay, im not pissed off about this… i was curious… only one person in offtopic has managed to piss me off, but even then it’s like “so what”… good goals man… yeah i figure people who post at various times go to school… and yes, women are expensive

cory i wasnt thinking of anyone in particular… but hey you lift, so you’re ok by me… i can relate to what you say about women in school… i went to an engineering school and let’s just say i had to let my standards fall a bit…

da man… i said i post in the offtopic section too… more than others but definitely less that some… but at least i lift and read the other sections… it seems other people in offtopic dont do that… oh and i only eat women… the delicious ones…

twisted… that’s a great idea on so many levels

Not only that Archaic but, as we deduced on the steroid forum, it causes heart attacks. I implore everyone to give up lifting before it is too late. It is very addicting and can lead to heart failure (eventually). I applaud those who have the mental stamina to stay at home, drink beer and eat potato chips on the couch 24 hours a day. Long live us phoney phuckers!

Oh yeah. I almost forget. As for my statistics; I am 4’9", 617 pounds and can curl 2 pound pink dummy bells anyday.

This place has lost so many positive contributors to horseshit like this it is silly. If you don’t like a thread or some individual, simply don’t read it or their contributions. Either that or join moronic dry humpers anonymous. I am sure that even my soul mate Lumpy would agree with that. :slight_smile:

ok, I lift for rugby, make myself faster and more of a badass on the field.

Age: 20
6’1"-6’2" (Depends on the girl I am hitting on)
181 lbs
8% bf and getting lower cos of all the running for rugby, trying to maintain the 180 weight though.


bench: 210 max
squat: 225 max (think I can do more, and that’s a full squat)
Box squat: 3RM 265 atm, but I only started these recently
Deadlifts: no damn idea

No impressive numbers, but I have had a lot of injuries and off time over the past 3 years b/c of rugby.

Goals: break 200 over the summer, then lean out to 190 at around 6% fat during fall rugby season.

Training method: Tier System

all for now, cheers.

Ya know,
I would actually think that pretty much everybody on these forums with a very rare exception or two is into weightlifting in some way or another. Uh… what did you expect? I mean, no offense intended… okay, maybe a little, but… DUH!

Seriously though, the reason I can still fit in internet time with the rest of my life, and hang around these forums is because I’m at work right now waiting for the next person in the hospital to kick the bucket or whatnot and give me something to do. Ahh… the life of a lab tech!

Training seriously for 6 months now. I weigh about 175lbs. Best bench so far=175 / Squat ass to grass=185 (just started doing them) / DL=315 with straps. My goals are to get big and be somebody. And not be a big fat-ass. And to get laid. Hopefully soon.

Avoids Roids wrote:"This place has lost so many positive contributors to horseshit like this it is silly. If you don’t like a thread or some individual, simply don’t read it or their contributions. :slight_smile: "

Actually, I don’t post much because it does seem as if this board has fallen into the hands of a few who probably wouldn’t even pass for weight lifters on the street. It is one thing to be able to quote a book on insulin sensitivity and quite another to actually need a XXL shirt because your arms are just that big. For a while, it seemed as if the tone on this board was a glorification of extremely skinny guys who thought that breaking 170lbs was an accomplishment as long as their abs showed.
Personal stats:
currrently 252lbs @17% body fat (dieting now but I feel comfortable where I am at)
arms-average just over 19"
quads-27.5" (working on bringing that up…plan on increasing reps on squats)

Indeed Prof X and Avoids - many with knowledge have left or rarely post. Inevitably the same questions come up time n time again and people get tired of it. While the articles are great, much discussion on the training forum are…well…

Char-Dawg had a thread on this awhile back - a good one too.

I guess B Smith won’t dignify your thread Dan, too bad.

btw: I lift. and put it down.