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Do You Enjoy Lifting?


Of, course! Who could do something they don't like continuously Purely for aesthethic goals or train for strength when they don't like the act that makes them stronger? Only pretty vain or odd people.


Love it and live it.

I'd started up again just over a year ago after a long absence from the gym due to work and family commitments. Yeah, I still have those commitments, but the stress related to them is much easier to handle after my morning in the gym.

It's kind of a two fold thing for me. I love working out, building muscle, getting stronger etc., but it's also the way I start my days now. I work out at 5am, and frankly, it's become such the norm, that if I miss a day due to having to head to the city for a meeting or something in the early am, the rest of my day just doesn't go right. When I'm there, it's MY time, time to think about nothing else but moving weight and getting stronger. Yeah, I enjoy it, probably more than just about anything outside of being with my wife and daughter.


I just think everyone has a different take I love to workout not to workout but the results of the workout and the ability to eat alot of food. It is 45mins 4 days a week that I do this, week in week out. Because I love the results..ask yourself this, if you miss a day are you worried you will lose gains?

I actualy hate doing a maximal set of deadlifts, back hurting, scraping you shins to the point of bleeding, and all most shitting your self but after I finish the last rep and catch my breath, I like the looks I get when I waddle to go get water....people get out of you way...or say excuse me sir and they are like 5 to 10 years older than I am...oh enough of my ranting......


Sometimes I love lifting, sometimes it is a chore to do it and I have to squeeze it into my life, but I always continue to lift whether I feel enthusiastic or not.


Tomorrow will mark my 9 month return to lifting(with maybe a couple days that I didnt go due to something coming up) since I stopped lifting due to some personal problem. I have been loving every workout and I don't think I'll ever stop again. It keeps me sane and motivated.


i love the gym, how could anyone not like the gym?


I agree with this. Even the most avid lifter can't be on 100% of the time and completely gung-ho about every single workout.


No I hate lifting I'd much rather spend my time doing laundry or on the couch watching Gladiator for the 234th time.


If by this you mean that even the most "avid lifter" isn't "feeling it" each and every time once they are actually IN the gym, I might agree. In terms of being enthusiastic about working out PRIOR to getting to the gym, I admit that there are mornings when I'm dragging ass more than others; however, I RARELY say to myself..."Man, I don't feel like going this morning." When I AM dragging, it only takes a few minutes for me to "snap out of it" and then the thought of yet another opportunity to improve myself turns the whole thing around for me.

What I honestly do not understand are the people who say that they have been "training off and on" for a number of years. What the hell is that?? As far as I'm concerned, if you are completely dialed in to this lifestyle, things that "come up" should NEVER get in the way of training. Sickness? Kids being sick? Death in the family? Yeah, I guess. Even then, I'd likely retreat to my "home gym" for 30 minutes to do some push-ups and pull-ups.


I love it like I love kickboxing. It's a great stress release. It keeps me focused on something positive. It makes me look better nekkid. Yea, I love it.


As a whole, I love it. I have to shut myself up sometimes because I'm rambling about lifting and people's eyes start to glaze over. True, I'm not 100% every single day. But I love those days when I walk in feeling a bit tired, and by the end of my workout I've kicked ass, and I walk home feeling amazing. The gym is a part of my day, just like eating, sleeping and working. It's not an option. I occassionally have to remind myself that there are other things in life....

I also really enjoy my gym. The people, the equipment, the atmosphere. It's like a second home. I enjoy being there much more than, say, a bar or club. In fact, I hardly go out anymore because I'm wiped after my workouts and need to recover for the next one! Plus, a lot of my social interaction happens at the gym anyway (but only before and after my workout - God I hate it when people 'hang out' all over the equipment during their 20 minutes rests between sets).

And for me, the best way to know when it's time to switch up my program is when I start to lose my enthusiasm for my workouts.


There's not too many things in life that I enjoy more than lifting. I started lifting to get better for my sport(I'm a college athlete), but now I would be in there every bit as much even if I wasn't playing a sport. I love being in the gym at 9am on a Saturday morning when I know that 90% of my competition is still passed out and will be nursing a hangover for the rest of the day.


I've read that eating more than 0.8g protein per body pound is not really beneficial to strength gains and I don't really see myself growing or getting bigger. I love soccer. And there's no soccer in the gym. I'm moving to france. Bye suckers! - IronStallion