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Do You Eat Junk in Your BB'ing?


Do you eat things such as fries, pizza, icecream in your BBing? Im assuming bulking/BBing in general rather than cutting/maintaing low BF of course.

I don't see why people avoid fries and ice cream like the plague..


Yes to pizza, burgers and ice cream once a week treats though, this is nothing related to BB just my desire to lead a healthy life.


I eat anything and everything when I'm trying to gain weight, making sure I get enough of what I need in terms of protein and w.e in the process.


I eat pretty much anything, except for carb-only food like icecream, french fries, chips etc. My junk consists of burgers, pizza, kebab, i.e stuff that's not entirely void of protein and fats.

Getting 4k+ cals every day clean would be pretty much impossible for a 17 year old if I didn't resort to some burgers or a pizza sometimes.


I try to eat at least around 3000-3500kcal from clean foods (protein in 200-300 mark), after I eat that, or know I'll eat that surely, then a wee bit of ice cream or chocolate isn't that big of a deal. I'm a beginner, looking to improve strength and size. Right on track.


i usually only eat junk food if it has a mass amount of protien or at least a decent amount of protien in it, Burgers are a big yes, pizza i may eat every week or so. But i havent had any fries or ice cream in a while now


Not really fries/ice cream since they are just total junk, but I'm not scared to eat them, and if I feel like something I'll eat it. If I do eat out, I try to do it after a workout.


I eat junk during bulking and cutting. =)


I eat ice cream and chocolate almost everyday. I eat bacon regularly.


I love to make homemade burgers.. using low fat steak mince, eggs and oats with taco seasoning or steak seasoning.

Nothing unhealthy about those - especially when bulking but they have a place in a well controlled fat loss diets too in moderation.

But generally yes, when bulking while i buy and eat 'clean' foods always.. if i am trying to gain weight i will simply not restrict anything but aim to eat healthily. It works just fine with controlled fat increases.

I am (well 'was' is more accurate really) quite ecto though so fat never has been too much of an issue for me.


generally people dont eat fries by itself, it comes as a side usually. steak and fries/mashed potatoes should be a highly effective meal.


as long as i'm getting enough quality cals everyday, i'll have some crap if I want. still, it's rare i'll binge all day, usually I will limit the junk to one feeding per day.



The food I eat is not the food I want to eat. Nuff said.


And if for example i wanted fries alone - (which is rare to never) i would simply add a large shake to them to complete the nutritional profile a little better.


How's this for a cutting diet day with under 3000 cals and a little bit of cheating?

Fasted morning cardio - 1 hour
Meal #1 - 2 McDonald's Angus burgers, 4 salmon oil caps - 1600 cals
Meal #2 - 2 scoops whey protein, 182g banana, 126g peach - 502 cals
Meal #3 - 2 scoops Surge workout fuel - 170 cals
Late afternoon weight training
Meal #4 - 2 scoops whey protein, 126g peach, 122g pineapple - 410 cals
Meal #5 - 2 scoops vanilla Metabolic Drive, 4 Flame out - 252 cals

Fitday macros:
Protein 254g (35%)
Carbs 272g (37%)
Fiber 20g
Fats 93g (29%)
Total calories 2934.


Mike how are you going to get McD's burgers for breakfast?

My personal preference would be to reduce the size of meal #1 and insert some real food in one of the other meals.


what kind of shake would that be thats full of fats?

and you do know fries are fried in oil (fat) :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry I should have written "fasted afternoon cardio" since I woke up at 10:00 a.m. Yeah, I think I have to space the cheat (have 1 burger per meal) or reduce it in size.


Can't tell if you're being sarcastic, but I'm pretty sure he's using "fat" to mean "big" or "large", not the 9-kcal macronutrient.


No, YOU have to eat clean for a while and work out like a demon to lose that flab, don't kid yourself anymore.