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Do You Ease Your Body Into Your Cycle or Not?

I was just wondering when starting my cycle, is it best to ease your body into it by taking 250mg for the first 2 weeks then upping the dosage to 500mg and then easing it back off at the end? Because I have mates that just jab themselves like maniacs twice a week and drink a lot of alcohol during their cycles, so I don’t really trust their advice lol. I’m taking test prop and sus 250 by the way

No. Due to the esters attached the levels take a while to build and then a while to fall anyway. I do believe there is some merit to tapering down your dosages for very long cycles, but that is not something you should even think about at this stage.

Why are you mixing the two?

I just got told their the best 2 to combine for good lean muscle gains, should I not mix them?

They’re both testosterone. You’re combining test… with test. Just use the sustanon.

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Aww yep sweet, should I combine the sustanon with something else like deca? Or just take it by itself?

Na save the other injectables for future goes. You’ll grow just fine from test.

Could throw in an oral like dianabol or anavar if you wanted for 4 weeks.

Please tell me you have a plan for PCT and something for controlling oestrogen?

Yeah ok cool, I’ll try dianabol out with it. Yeah I was going to take that nolvadex. But not sure when to take it or how much?