Do You Drink Tap Water?

How many of you drink your local tap water unfiltered? This guy in Tennessee had his water tested and it turned out to be filled with contaminants. I can’t imagine what the quality of water is like in a large coastal city, gotta be worse I’m guessing?

I’m on a well and have been on one most of my life. Water from my tap is excellent.

With that said I don’t find this surprising at all. Anytime someone pours me a glass of city water I can smell the chlorine, I don’t even have to taste it. Even if I go out and eat, I barely drink the water because to me it taste like chemicals. I can even taste the plastic in bottled water. I imagine people whom have been on city water for most of their life get used to it and don’t noticel it.

Excellent and informative video though.

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Filter all of my water.

Although I live in a town where the water is notoriously bad tasting when coming out of the tap.


I drink a gallon of tap water a day.


Ain’t nothing like strengthening the body by introducing impurities to it on a daily, am I right? Sadly, I don’t have said luxury cause apparently my tap water is pretty well filtered.


Country > City

*Should say we have a nitrate/nitrite filter since it’s harmful to toddlers and younger and our levels are slightly higher than regs.

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I like my tap water straight from the hose.


Filtered tap water? You mean that stuff that comes out of kegs? 4 pints a day seems to do me good.


Should start filtering, etc but at the same time there is a dozen or more things I should do before that for the health.

All that stuff won’t even matter in you take a lot of medecines or steroids anyway, as it is packed with what you are trying to avoid in very small quantities in this case.

I never drink tap water for the very reasons that you’ve posted too much contamination. I don’t drink water from plastic bottles either because of the ingredients in plastic that can mimic estrogens. I drink only bottled water from glass bottles. When it comes to my health I am not going to compromise. I want the best water and the best supplements. It all matters.

Don’t forget your Perri-air!

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Ha! I won’t drink it out of a can.


It is not a beverage. Look closer.

I only drink water that has been filtered through a natural media like ground coffee beans.


Unfortunately it still gets into our system from showering

Will a foil hat protect me in the shower?


No try a plugged in toaster in the shower

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It’s just like my bath toys growing up!


Wait raj are you showing that there are things in water apart from good ole H20. This is groundbreaking stuff.

Not if you have shower filters.