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Do You Drink Coffee?


I only got into it recently. I originally just wanted the caffeine to help me stay up while working late into the night, but it's been growing on me, and I think I'm on the verge of making a habit out of it. I don't like the rebound from the caffeine so much, though - it's ra drug just like any other. I don't really think it's healthy, but right now I'm just going with it.

Do you drink coffee? And if so, how much/often?


I drink it every day. I usually drink at least a pot a day. Shit, I'm at the point now where I can drink it at night and be asleep half an hour later. I like to take about 20 oz. of coffee, two scoops of chocolate-flavored protein powder, half a cup of milk and some honey and mix it all up together in a thermos and use it as a peri-workout drink. Just don't get too dependent on it; I drink it so much that if I haven't had any by the afternoon, I get a splitting headache.


I used to. I like the way it makes me feel but I'm switching to green tea for now because coffee causes vasoconstriction, and whenever I drink it I don't feel like I'm as 'metabolically active' in the morning as I should be (due to the restricted blood flow I'm guessing).

I know that sounds weird but it's just how I feel.


Cant do coffee. It tastes horrible. I get Jet Alert from Walmart which has 200 mg caffeine. A bottle of 90 is less than $4.


Everyday, multiple times a day.

And an XL coffee with cream and sugar pre workout.

I feel great on caffeine, more energy, more focus.


I fucking love coffee.


Twice a day, get a headache if I miss one of them, so I don't miss them. Although once a year I try to stop drinking coffee for a week, its hard but I get the caffeine buzz for like the week after.




I drink coffee when I need a pick me up. I got used to drinking it at work when I had to do 12 hour shifts.

I never drink it hot though.


That message was written in 3 seconds. Fact.

I drink coffee, love the smell of it, but I take anhydrous caffeine every morning to help keep me awake especially during the afternoons at work and it's worked very well. Each pill is 200mg caffeine I think. If I drank a cup of coffee on top of that I'd feel restless and jittery.


Sometimes I have a little coffee with my milk and sugar.


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No. I can't even stand the smell.

I also want to make it clear: Mormons can have caffeine. A lot choose not to. But caffeine is not why coffee is prohibited. To be honest, no specific reason has ever been given, though a lot of people like to assume reasons.

I myself enjoy a rockstar lemonade or cola or Spike from time to time.


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I like mine as Push described, or with a little cream &sugar to take the bite off, or done as espresso.

If my eyes aren't shaking in their sockets I just don't feel quite right.


I love a strong cup of coffee, but in general I don't drink it much at all.

I prefer green tea. And normal tea, I never drink.


Yes! Black, brewed and unsweetened coffee is great. Some days I'll go through a pot of it, though I try to have 2-3 caffeine-free days a week to manage tolerance/addiction.


This with just Heavy Cream. Go through Half a pot. Buy a grinder and grind your own beans makes a difference. If you work in the medical field it is a requirement to care for people if you dont drink coffee you have no soul, like a ginger.


coffee + me = somewhat serviceable

coffee - me = coma


This may sound like heresy but I went back to instant coffee. Nescafe.