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Do You Do Self-Myofascial Release?


Ive been doing alot of reading on SMR, Just wanted to know if many of you all actually do it, I know i see a body builder at my gym that does SMR. The article says its alot like stretching but is good for getting rid of scar tissue. Whats your thoughts on SMR


Absolutely essential. Personally nothing works better on my lower/mid back and especially quads/hammies/IT band. If you're going to buy a roller get a nice one, it'll more than pay for itself. If it hurts like a bitch then you're doing it right!!





Yep, it's one of those things that you don't really appreciate the benefits of until you try it. A bit like having a sports massage, it hurts at the time but feels so much better after.


Love it!


Sometimes. Honestly, static stretching alone has given me better results. I enjoy foam rolling, (it's much like scratching an itch,) but it always leaves me more sore which seems to be counterproductive.


It only really hurts when you're knotted up, once you start doing it regularly and get all those knots out it shouldn't really hurt at all. I have to try to hold in laughter sometimes when I have my male clients do this for the first time and are on the verge of tears when rolling the IT band.


I like the fact they think it will be some easy pussy move...until they try it :slight_smile: Cyclist and runners are the best for ITB pain, lol!


Aren't you not supposed to foam roll your lower back?


I'll always use the two tennis balls on my lower back and the PVC roll on my IT band, hams, and glutes after either squatting or deadlifting. Since I've started jump-roping I've taken to using the stick on my calves. Also, a tennis ball in the upper back muscles or the pecs is pretty painful, but ends up feeling pretty good also.

I think you're not supposed to roll over the spine, but rotating to the left or right just a little bit to get off the spine and onto the spinal erectors works.


I do 'like' to foam roll. I started this week on stretches listed in Ming Chew's Permanent Pain Cure book, and these are very interesting. Makes you feel like your 'wrapper' is being stretched. Near-miraculous reports from all who've used the program. If you want to have a look you can see the book here



I do everywhere and I've even made some of my own implements. Currently I have a pvc pipe that's 6 inches thick, two tennis balls taped together, two golf balls taped together, and a baseball. I had a lacrosse ball but I have no idea where it went.

If you thought the tennis balls on your lower erectors was good the golf balls are on another level.


Yup, I use the black dense foam roller, lacrosse ball, and taped tennis balls. Plus, every once in a while I throw about 10 tennis balls into a pillow case and roll my back on that, feels just like a massage.


I made my own "the stick" buy getting some PVC about an inch thick and put a wooden dowel through it to roll my calves and have the misses roll my traps. It's cheap and works great.


nice. I'm gonna do that. I was trying with a rolling pin and some swiffer sheets but it wasn't slick enough.


haha, some of my clients hate that shit until the realize after a month they are way more flexible and pain free.


Yeah but it feels so good afterward... ESP. the back.


No-one else finds the thread title hilarious?

I don't but have before and probably should again.


Actually just a rolling pi work great I find