Do You Do Cardio on Weight Days?

I was just wondering because I am an FFB and right now all I do for cardio on weight days is walk uphill for 20 mins. Is this hurting my progress? Right now I’m on a clean bulking diet eating lots of chicken.

If you aren’t seeing progress, I would wager that your “clean bulking diet” is to blame, not 20 minutes of walking…

I have seen progress on the diet I just started to do walking instead of what I used to do on weight days which was interval training, but now I do that on non lift days, except Sundays like today which are off.

Ya know, back when the USSR was kicking our butts in weightlifting, they used a “confusion” technique. Some days the lifters would do cardio before they trained heavy with the weights, and some days they’d do cardio after. This was more of a performance based design as to teach the muscles to be able to lift maximally when fresh OR fatigued. Sounds like you want more of an asthetic model, but just thought you’d like to know. By the way, yes. They had great success with it.

If you’re BF% is relatively low now, I’d skip cardio/EST on lifting days. I’d also eat maintenance calories on non-lifting days to thwart fat accumulation.