Do You Discuss Your Steroid Use with Anyone?

Given how the public perception of steroids thesedays is so fucked up I am wondering whether you guys discuss with others or make clear your take gear, or its something kept private?

Cant tell you how many people I have come across whereby people have no problem with you drinking a six pack of beer on a friday night or smoking ten packs a day, but when it comes to injecting testosterone people are like: bro, you gonna die and catch deadly diseases.

I only tell my closest lifting buddies and of course my sis and girl.

Wondering how it goes for you guys?

I don’t have any reason to tell anyone that isn’t also on it but I don’t think people care these days. Drugs are fairly mainstream. Compared to the oxycontin epidemic I can’t imagine they would have the same connotation with someone taking a performance enhancing drug. Since I don’t have a reason to talk about it I could be wrong.

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Though I am still learning, have never used steroids but I think it should be discussed so that the person using can get a better know how as to how and when the things are needed to be used. In my gym, trainer is prescribing cycles to 19 yrs boys showing me as an example, I am 31 yrs old working out on and off but continuously from 3.5 yrs. Nobody asked me untill one day a guy came and asked wat do i do for acne during cycle and I was like how do I know man. I told him he’s too young to use and then he stopped.
I myself headed to this forum so that I can gain knowledge no need to shy away. People write Natural athlete, we all know how much natural they are.
I am from India, here every other guy is certified coach and bodybuilder…NATURALLY…lol.

Yea dude, ten packs a day is totally fine in my view, eleven packs however… that’s crossing the line of what’s acceptable!

strayaaaaaaaaaaaaa (Australia)

I talk about it with my closest… closest friends and family due to legal repercussions here (laws regarding anabolics are somewhat draconian, far more lenient than that of America (aside from QLD and NT, there possession can net someone 20 yrs in prison, they’re equivalent of SCH I drugs there (S9 here)) however still if caught for possession around I believe it was 25 percent of young adults are given a prison sentence, 30 percent are let off without a fine or record blablabla there was a very wide variety of punishments, in theory however possession can net me a jail sentence for 6-12 mths thus I’m not open about any prior use.

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I discuss nothing personal with anyone. It’s called “personal” for a reason in my view. My fiancé knows that I’m on trt and she does not ask any questions. I would not tell anyone because I cannot picture a scenario where it would be beneficial.


Any supra-physiological doses I talk about with the guys in our group.

TRT I will and have spoken with anyone.

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Obviously my wife knows about all my blasts and injects me without questions. SOMETIMES, she says things like “this seems more than usual” but I tell her its my current blast and we go on.

I have a couple of guys that I order for when I order and of course they all know. Otherwise, if people ask, its TRT only and they have all heard of that and they don’t tend to get judgmental.

I only discuss with a few guys at my gym about trt and some blast since we all use the same Dr.

In my area, steroid use is pretty prevelant. Average gym goers treat it like a benign cosmetic. Also, the vast majority of older men at the gym’s I frequent are on TRT and have done their share of experimenting with blasts. So in my case, now that I crossed over, I talk about it with anyone who brings it up and sometimes I bring it up myself if I sense that they are interested in that topic or also use gear themselves.


I have only done TrT up to 200mgs a week but I have discussed it with my wife and 13 yr old son. I chose to discuss it my son so that it did not carry the stigma that it does or use to. Tried to go over the positive and negative medical benefits from low T to over doing it. Tried to explain that if training and diet are not in line, then any gear related substance could be a waste of money and possibly have long term effects.

I talk about TrT to anyone that might listen or is interested. I do believe it is over prescribed to the people who dont need it, but under prescribed to the people who actually need it.

I discuss it with my wife. She’s aware I’m on self prescribed trt and knows I blast altho she doesn’t really have much interest in what compounds I use etc as long as it doesn’t change who I am at home.

There’s a few gym guys I discuss it with that have much more experience then me we bounce ideas off each other. I have friends outside the gym who don’t lift who will occasionally make comments on my size hinting towards steroid use I don’t confirm or deny it I simply don’t discuss it usually il just laugh and say something along the lines of “don’t worry about steroids until you can manage to get to the gym”

I think there’s a lot of wrong ideas about steroid use but I also don’t see it as my job to defend my gear use or gear use in general.


No. Never. Nothing good could come from it. TRT yes… I’m open about that but nothing else. Not even with family.

I talk about steroids to my friends, family, and anyone who is interested. Hell even my neighbours know after I got busted by the police and it was in the newspapers. So I talked about it with them, and they were all very understanding about it. That being said I don’t introduce myself and the first thing I tell people is that I use steroids.

Most people are interested to know about them, and don’t really care if you take them, providing you are not a violent arsehole.

I’m on legal gear now so I don’t need to worry about anymore legal consequences, which is good.

I like what you are saying, but people still have their opinion about anything that is not legal (or anything the media has vilified). So I only discuss with other like-minded people.

I have a few select gentleman that I know are either on trt or juicers. Those are the only ones I discuss anything with. My wife knows I’m on trt but in 2 years has only seen me inject twice. She looked shocked both times lol. When I was first put on trt I didnt think it was a big deal and actually thought by talking about it that maybe it might help some guys around me. I told my workout partner and one other guy at the gym and they went from what I considered close friends to straight up turning on me. My workout partner actually went and told sheriff I was on steroids. Can you freaking believe this guy? My doctor prescribes me legal pharmaceutical testosterone and this dick goes to a sheriff. I know because the sheriff came and talked to me about it. That was it for me. I was done talking to people about it.


This country is full of PuSSies and Bi@ches. Dude, this is almost the most F’ed up snitching I have heard.

You need to pick your friends better.


It’s something I keep private. My wife knows, my nutritionist knows, and the guy who I buy my stuff from knows. Other than them I’m quiet about it. An astute person could put two and two together and figure out that I’m juiced because I compete in non-tested shows, but being that I carry a professional license I choose not to take any risks and I don’t discuss it outside of those people. And on this forum.

I go to a high tech yuppie gym for the eye candy. No harry assed grunting men would set foot in this place. Fine by me. Spandex with tits and ass as far as the eye can see. Some guys are just too dense to get it. I tell no one about my TRT or blasts. There is not reason to. The old farts that have there asses loaded up with T pellets from the local T farm are so funny to listen to. They are so fucking horny they can’t stand it and their wives won’t have anything to do with them. They are so lost. The rich ones just buy hookers. The poor ones beat off. Listening to them bitch about it in the steam room is a hoot.
I have shared more personnel info here on this forum than to anyone else.


Since jumping on test, literally every girl has become attractive. At my gym we have a few of those gymshark girls haha. If I was in an open relationship, everyday one of them would be smashed .


What a FUCKHOLE! :angry: