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Do You Consume the Bacon Grease?


Once you cook bacon, a pool of fat forms. What do you guys do with it? It grows especially large when cooking many pieces of bacon (which you guys probably do too). Toss it, eat it, pour it over bacon,??


You know what you do with that good ass shit?

You chop up some brussel sprouts/spinach/brocolli and cook em up in it. Or you get some kale and cook it down in the swine grease. Save that shit to grease my pans with.

Cook your eggs up in that.

Even better is to take some chicken thighs and pound them thin with a kitchen mallet. Then give them a quick fry in the pan with the grease in it. I use a high-sided pot/pan for this so i can really get the grease crack-a-lackin hot. So good.

If not for bacon I never would have snatched 200lbs.

Do not waste the closest thing to steroids that can be bought at the store!



I LOVE IT. Mmmm. Even better than butter. Eggs fried directly in the bacon grease is the best. I've never tried brussel sprouts in there though and that sounds delicious.


I don't eat it, but I rub in on the inside of my thighs to keep my legs from chafing. Works great!




Ugh, no. That's gross. I do like my bacon though! Bacon bacon bacon!


You know, a friend mentioned a book by a survivalist type guy who used bacon grease for EVERYTHING in the woods. Food, insulation, glue, industrial lubricant... like McGuyver with duct tape. But with bacon grease.


thx for that


ive tried bacongrease with spinach, but i guess i had too much grease to spinach ratio as everything tasted soggy and sticky.
ive tried cooking my eggs in it, but probably same problem. should have divvied that sucker up!

the chicken idea sounds good


Ok i know i am probably being a dumbarse newb here but what are the benefits of eating the bacon grease or is it purely because it tastes good?



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what do you mean altered lipid profile, you mean under high heats? and dont really get the steroid comment-dont you absorb more with them so u can utilize them better and fly?

agreed on the sodium, that thing is damn salty


AFAIK He means that the swine grease has enough saturated fat to fuck with how his gear works in the blood stream.

Like i said before, bacon is the closest thing to juice that you can get in the store. I was bacon phobic till I met the Anabolic diet and only then did i really get strong FAST, as opposed to less-than-fast.

In other news: Use a high-sided pot and get the grease mad hot for the spinach. It's not so much "soaked and cooked in bacon grease" as it is "crispy fried/sautéed." The shit should be snapping like hell once the green food hits the pan. I do this with no shirt on so i dont fuck up a shirt with grease. But when it comes out.... uuuuuuugggggg

Later in tonights broadcast: Learn to use bacon grease in your stir fry woks with bok-choi, watercres and carrots.



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Collard Greens, chopped onions cooked in bacon grease is pretty outstanding.


Eggs boiled in bacon grease is the tastiest shit ever.

Oh yea don't forget your veggies


Yeah see, Olympic lifters know about that shit. Esp Canadian ones, we got the pig ass. Keeping the swine in check.

I even have different "types" of energy when im training. When I carb up and Im all energetic to do conditioning and shit I call that "Oatmeal energy" and when im feeling monstrously strong and ready to sling some fucking Iron/Rubber I call that "bacon energy" or "Meat power." The latter term is likely also the title of a gey porn film for sure.



I use it to masturbate while looking at pictures of lamb chops with mint sauce..

Seriously - EVEN on the anabolic diet i do not see the need to eat that crap. I can eat 30g of carbs a day and get in all my protein and fats (yes, including plenty of sat fats!) while STILL cutting the fats away from meats!

Man - some of you guys are sick! :wink:


Eggs over easy fried in bacon grease!!! So delicious!