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Do You Bloat Evenly?

Just wondering if you guys bloat evenly on blast? My bloating seems to be a lot in the stomach. Wondering if you’re the same?

Mine is my face and no where else. It’s so great :roll_eyes:

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I forgot, face too for me. Mostly stomach though.

You sure it’s the drugs and not the extra food?

Pretty sure. I’ve eaten a bit more, but not 10 lbs more lol. Some could just be from being a bit more full.

All in my face usually. However since starting TRT I’ve gained a full shoe size. I suspect that some bloating/edema has occurred

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Love handles and face mostly. If a long bulk then also legs and ass as i have black woman genetics - some people have asked me if i dont have implants, lol.
Only people with good genetics bloat everywhere and look good and massive. I just look fat.


This made my day :rofl:

moon face & stomach

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It is mostly stomach it seems for me. Maybe a bit in the face. Legs and arms no such luck (it would be a lot nicer to bloat there).