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Do You Believe in PWO Carbs?


Does anyone believe in post workout carbs such as using gatorade..?


Yes, in most cases. A good way to go about it without being anal is just eating a balance of carbs and protein after your workout.


Gatorade really doesn't have enough. And if you drink the bottle type, the carbs in it are from HFCS. You're better off drinking a protein shake with a scoop of maltodextrin in it.




I wouldn't use gatorade. My personal favorite is my protein shake and a banana. Banana's have a High GI i believe, and are absorbed quickly.


Grab some Chocolate milk or you could become a man and get your PWO (Post-workout) nutrition down.


I use a gainer shake after my workout, lots of carbs in it. I also throw in a scoop of protein and I take my creatine at the same time, I've had the most success this way myself, but im a skinny bastard.


Gatorade powder is okay. I usually have 60g of 50/50 maltodextrin and dextrose tho.


So if i use 28 grams of gatorade and 24 grams of protein whey i am trying to cut..is that okay? i will also take 6 bcaa pills.


So I guess I'm the only one that has a chocolate bar or a can of cola after a workout.


You are sarcastic...yes?

And the 6 BCAA pills probably won't do much for you because you apparently need over 9000 for an effect.


I drink waxy maize with BCAA and Mono immediatly after workout at the gym then when I get home about 10 mins later I drink a protien shake.


i skull 40g of waxy maize right after i train, taste's like stale ass but gets the job done, Oh and i have 10g of L-Leucine in there to.




Lol that PWO nutrition has anything to do with "manning up"

Jesus is there anything you guys don't want to over complicate?

Lift heavy weights, eat a lot of food, repeat for years...

Much more effective than worrying about what trose is in your PWO shake.


PWO carbs are definitly effective. People have been doing it for years and years, and have seen good results. CT is now pushing more for pre and during workout carbs though, stating that your body is not in a optimal state to absorb carbs after intense training. I figured Id give that a try and see if it does in fact yield better results as he has stated. Im all for experimentation =)

As the previous poster said though, lift your ass off, eat a lot of high quality foods, and repeat for years, and progress will occur.


No doubt, but taking it to the point of obsessing over which carb or how many grams, outside of dieting for a show, seems like over kill to me...

Maybe I'm wrong.


you're not


I eat food.


Me too, in powder form. WAY more hardcore.