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Do You Believe in God?


This is a question I think about alot at work mainly. I see people come and go and I ask myself "Whats the meaning ?" Why are we here. Is there a God ? If he exist's whats his purpose ? I believe there's something powerful out there but I want to see it whether it be a him or a her. What do you believe ?


If there is a God it's not as busy as Santa. I know that much.




Jesus is coming.
quick, look busy.


"Don't make me come down there."

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Each individual's end (purpose) is happiness.

God must be non-corporeal, which does not admit of gender. Further, God is entirely unlike human beings. One cannot ascribe what would be a perfection in a human being to what would be a perfection in God. God is one, not composite. Therefore we cannot ascribe qualities to God like a "purpose." To ask what is God's purpose is to ask one of two questions:

1) What is God's intention?
2) For what end was God brought into being?

But if God is atemporal and incorporeal, the first question is nonsensical; intention is a human attribute that we use to describe wishes or preferred outcomes which may not occur. God would not have such wishes or preferred outcomes, and so cannot have intention.

The second question is also nonsensical, because if there were a being prior to God (which brought God into being), then God would not be God, but rather a secondary being.

One thing is absolutely clear: it is impossible for a human being to intellect God.


Neph.. NEPH...

I never underestimate the power of a person's faith.

I respect a person who has a sincere faith.

I am not quite sure where I am with all of that but I appreciate that it sits right with other folks.


Sorry, not trying to be condescending or offensive to anyone of faith... just replying quickly to OP's post before bed.


I thought it was:

Jesus is coming.
Quick, hide the porn.


Oh I didn't find you offensive! I'm sorry I hadn't meant to imply that.

I just meant the unquantifiable, how do you deny it?


I didn't think I was denying anything... just pointing out some of the logical conclusions that would follow from the incorporeality of God.

I think that much of what we attribute to divine influence is in the nature of the human communities we live in, as well as our own natures.


Hmm.. for supposedly such an intelligent man, you felt the need to quote another man's philosophy instead of responding using your own...(unless, of course, you have the same philosophy).


what's wrong with that? wouldn't that be the point? no disrespect but just saying.


I don't make any claim to intelligence, and I especially do not make a claim to Philosophy. I know that I know nothing.

I do wish that I had actually quoted... but I was merely able to paraphrase.

I'm not sure why what I personally think matters, btw. Are we after the truth, or a prize? I also find it interesting that rather than giving your own answer, you attack mine.

With regard to my own beliefs: if we find something good or useful, we should hold it out as a good among us.




I think that is what I mean too. About the good or useful. Your words just stated it better.




I know you're intelligent from reading your posts...I simply thought you were going out of your way to answer something that could've been answered simply without paraphrasing philosophy. Regarding what we're after, I would say the truth. Maybe you were the one looking for the prize. Who knows?

Yes. I do believe in God. I don't think anyone necessarily needs a reason to do so either. I wouldn't call it blind faith, but each person can make their own logical assumptions from life.


I think "What might God be?" is one of the most important questions we can ask as human beings. With all due respect, I don't believe it admits of a simple answer.

Perhaps. Who knows.


Most atheists are just as dogmatic as their religious counterparts. Agnosticism is the only way to go. Given the limited and clouded view humanity posses towards the universe, no such metaphysical truths can be known to be true or false.

Just accept your limited capacity for truth.