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Do you believe in Ghosts?

I’m not sure how you feel about ghosts or the supernatural but this is amazing. Apparently the owners of this house had been seeing images and hearing voices for quite a while. They did some research and found that a lady once lived in the house who lost her husband during the civil war. Legend says that she used to sit at the table and look across the fields in anticipation of her loved one returning home. He never came So, they say she still waits. They caught this photo of what they claim to be her. This one was wild and a little spooky once you find the ghost in the picture. It took me a few seconds to find it, but when you do, it just stands out. Like one of those optical illusions. To save you some time,concentrate around the table. It is best not to focus too much on one spot. Look around the table and toward the window. It takes a couple minutes, be patient. Click on the link below for the picture. It works best if enlarged. For an added touch turn up the volume, it’s faint, but the low murmur you hear was what got the videographer’s attention first.
Click here: http://home.attbi.com/ ~n9ivo/whatswrong.swf

haha… very funny…

Happy Halloween every one.

My girlfriend is mad at me now because it scared her. hahahahahaha.

HOLY SHIT!!! That was intense. Haha… I screamed like a little girl…

Yeah that one got me…last year.

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