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Do You Believe in Ghosts?


Here's a bit of a random thread. Do you believe in ghosts ?

Why? Why not ? If you don't, would you like to? What would it take for you to believe?

I myself doubt there are such creatures, since the concept of ghosts are quite illogical. I like to think i'm open minded & I could be convinced of their existence, I juz struggle with a few things, such as, how come some people can cheat death & leave cupboard doors open, walk up & down stairs and...the horror...make noises, such as bumping into things.


I do. Anyways, can you disprove ghosts?


I don't know what I believe anymore. I rented a house one time on Elm St (no joke). It was directly across the street from the town's cemetery. Some really weird stuff went on in that place. I didn't believe in them so I never saw anything. But my girlfriend's little daughter saw a ghost figure like 2 times.

I took a video of something once and there was a strange thing on it. I still can't explain it.

So like I said, I don't know anymore.


i do. had a few first hand encounters while i was doing my national service. shaking beds, lights switching on by itself, and a host of other things.

not sure if the camp being right next to a cemetery had anything to do with it though.


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There's no way of knowing if they're real or not. I can't say they are real and can't say they aren't so I accept the possibility they may exist.


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While I can't disprove the existence of ghosts, almost everything that was considered indicative of their existence was gradually explained away as science and human knowledge advanced. What remains are a few strange anecdotes, often of questionable credibility, and maybe some phenomena for which science can't provide an explanation at present. I haven't looked into the topic very much, but I believe that it's only a matter of time until a logical explanation is found for them as well.

Long story short: To me, ghosts are most likely a product of the human mind based on wishful thinking (death is not "the end" after all), a temporal lack of scientific explanations for certain phenomena and maybe the appeal of the supernatural.


Why do you feel that the concept of ghosts is illogical?


I don't want to believe in ghosts, but there is something really primal inside me that somehow fights my disbelief. The rational part of me dismisses the idea, but my subconscious nags me about things supernatural...as though I'm not paying enough attention.


See, I'm not inclined to be reassured by the existence of ghosts...in fact, quite the opposite. If anything they represent the idea to me that death brings no peace. That there is no end, but rather than taking solace in that... I fear going on more..going on and being trapped in some place in time. Like a nightmare lived over and over.


My friend is a big time believer. He has many stories.

For instance, his mom (when she was younger) saw her cousin walk by in the wheat field from a distance.

He lives in Germany.

She found out that night that he died.



The widespread belief in the existence of supernatural phenomena creates a "niche" for claims of supernatural experiences. With billions of people on earth who subscribe to some kind of religion it is only natural that a few people are going to say they saw a ghost, died and went to heaven, etc.


In live their are those who are exremely good at doing certain things and those who are not. Everyone seems to be talented at one thing or another. I think that is the same with seeing ghosts. Some people are naturaly predisposed to see ghosts and other anomalies. While others are not or not as much.

There are way to many unexplanable occurences for something not to be occuring. So I would have to say I believe. I've had some strange things happen. My brain is drawing a blank right now. Something may spark a memory or two.


Ghosts are like UFO's, Big Foot, and the Chupacabra, show me convincing proof and I'll believe, but I haven't seen anything yet.

My older relations believed in ghosts, spooks, and haunts (pronounced haints). My Grandmother told me stories of the house she grew up in, a beautiful big white antebellum house that her father eventually demolished because he saw something there that scared the shit out of him. They lived in a mansion one day, and the next he tore up every trace of the place and moved his family to a shack on the edge of their property by the main road. Crazy stuff. She says when she was a little girl she saw the ghost of her grandmother who had died a year before walking down the grand spiral staircase towards her. But what the old man saw was apparently a lot worse than that.

I've been roaming on their land, and the area where the big house was was a very gloomy place. Even on a bright sunny day, it was dark and oppressive. I can't believe anyone would build a house there. Who knows, maybe the place was cursed.


I've always wondered a few things about ghosts.

If john doe, was to die on the 32 floor of a high rise building. He went on to haunt the floor he died on. Now, lets say that the building was torn down many years latter for a car park. Would john doe still be up there, where the 32nd floor use to be, or would he be on the ground level? Would he have to wait for a plane to come by (which could be a VERY long time) to appear to somebody? If John is stuck to the 'place', then he'd have to wait a full year to reappear, since it'd take a full year for the earth to get back to where it was when he died. That doesn't work very well tho, since the entire solar system is moving

How come only SOME people appear as ghosts & not everybody? Surely, all the mothers & fathers who died, would want to keep appearing to their children, the same can be said for children & their mothers & fathers.

If ghosts can make their way out of where they are, does that mean that heaven has a problem with people trying to sneak in? I doubt people are trying to get into hell. but since i'm not there, my assumption isn't worth much.

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Dude don't blame your genetics if you're not seeing ghosts, you're just not trying hard enough!

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Agree - well said.

The mind is a powerful thing.