Do You Believe In A God? Why or Why Not?

Curious to what you guys think.

First he needs to start believing in me.


None of the social constructs that I need to work within punish me for not believing in God, nor do they offer some advantage for doing so, so I don’t.

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I’ve given serious consideration to pretending to believe in God.


I lean toward believing, though the concept “God” is hazy for me. I tend to default to a parental figure, since that’s the culture I’ve grown up in, but I do not believe in a moment-to-moment involved God because if such existed, he would have to be cruel.

God, or intelligent design, is easier for me to accept than that the exquisite system that supports our existence was created of accident or chaos.

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I would be willing if evidence supported it.

Lifelong agnostic (as in, don’t know don’t care), but as an organist for many years playing at various different churches, I definitely can say it would be nice to believe all that. It gives a sense of comfort with regards to a lot of things, provided you’re not a fire-and-brimstone type. I remember holding my dads ashes as people told me “he’s in a better place now”, and I was just like “what, in this box? I’d rather have him here with me…”

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This is where the fun can begin in a discussion like this. I’m not a hard atheist, so I’m open to the possibility of God, Gods or Crom on His Mountain. I just don’t believe in anything I’ve come across.

It brings up interesting questions like…

Are we just what matter does eventually?

Where did matter come from?

*When did matter become self-aware, and was it because we wanted to bang?"

I don’t have these answers, but I’m a seeker.


Wouldn’t that mean knowing God exists vs believing in one?


Nope, I’m a person of evidence. I don’t believe in faith. I only believe in what can be proven, so if someone can prove to me(and many have tried)that he exist I would give it some thought.

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Of course I do. This world is too complex for a god not to exist. The concepts of life and death exists. Concepts of good and evil. Why and how do they exist. Has to be a god.

I’m not smart enough to make a good argument, but the Bible contains events that are verified by history (even non-believers).

I believe. If you truly want someone to tell you why God exists then perhaps you can seek it out for yourself.

The simple answer for people who think God isn’t real because bad things happen is this: Satan has authority over the world for a time. We’re living in that time.



Judea Pearl in a recent interview gave the answer I tend to give people. 36:48

“Would you believe in god if he didn’t exist?”

This question is impossible to answer because he exists. There are no ifs to his existence. He is beyond what our little flesh sack minds can comprehend. It is a little mind blowing that he’s just the almighty and nothing created him.

Circular reasoning does tend to trump logic.


By the way, how does one comprehend the existence of something one’s mind cannot comprehend?


@tlgains look up “circular arguments.” It’s pretty interesting stuff.


Faith bro.

Cool. If it’s faith, it’s a belief, and it doesn’t need to be defended. You don’t need to say “he exists because he exists”, you can just say, “I believe.”

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