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Do You All Get DOMS?

Do you all get a satiafactory amount of DOMS?

I train very regularly… say generally 5x a week. I dont really get sore… a little tenderness, i mean tiny bit… but unless i double the volume, change to something totally different OR have just had a week off, i dont really get it.

I used to, i used to spend most days sore, sometimes terribly, sometimes slightly - but now? Hardly ever.

I have noticed that if i train say 3x a week with a day off inbetween workouts, then the DOMS is more prevalent. If i train on a two on, one off cycle, then i tend to “get used” to the stress, and DOMS evades me.

Also, if i train with a high bodypart frequency, my doms becomes less, but a low BP freq. and it keeps coming. (Is this due to a much faster rate of adaptation, or a tolerance to some process that can cause/assists in causing delayed soreness?)

The trouble is, i like it, it is my timer for when to train that bodypart again, and it lets me know i am doing all the right things. When i get it regularly, i like to train instinctively, loosely following a plan but mainly training when the soreness dictates that muscle needs work.

I think if it was simply a matter of micro tears/damage to the proteins/fibres in the tissue, then i couldnt “get used” to it apart from the normal adaptation (and that isnt what i mean by “get used to it” It happens with too much of a regularity-a pattern to be adaptation) - this leaves me to believe that it is a biochemical thing or something, or a tolerance to a biochemical process. Something like: I train more - thus my lactic acid tolerance is higher, and it causes me to not get as sore from it. (I know where you stand on this Thibs, and i am not saying you are wrong - or the studies you provided, but could it be PARTLY to do with the pain of DOMS?)

I want my delayed onset muscle soreness back. Do ANY of you suffer from not having pain too?


While I too enjoy a bit of soreness after destroying a bodypart, I will note that I did get a lot more sore in my earlier years training. I don’t know if it’s some sort of adaptation or what, because it’s never interfered with any actual growth.


Usually I stop being sore if I’ve been doing a particular routine or workout for too long.

However, it goes in phases for me. Sometimes, I’m sore after every workout and then I can go a week or two without getting any kind of soreness.

I think there’s too many factors that can cause DOMS for me to worry about it.

I workout 3-4 times a week.

Last night was back and biceps, and tonight my entire back is starting to get sore - tomorrow I am going to feel it in full swing for chest and triceps; so I experience that same as you in doing a 3 day split.

I enjoy it, but am not too bothered whether I get it or not.

Yes, consistantly for some body parts but rarely for others.

Chest, traps and quads always.

Rarely for the middle back and the medial delts.

These things have not changed as I have matured as a lifter.

Ive only been training smart a half or a year and I get very swore after every workout. With legs I cant even walk lol

my back hardly ever gets it, unless a new routine for the 1st workout.

it most noticeably occurs in my chest, hamstrings, glutes

The only time I really get sore is if I include lots of eccentric training in my routine or am introducing a new exercise in my regime.

im never sore, even after i change a program ill be sore maybe 1 or 2 days then poof. it seems like i havent done anything, but if the numbers keep going up i guess im happy

Everytime I do SwoleCat’s SGX leg program (currently every Thursday) I get a good dose of DOMS from the waist down Fri-Sun. The first two weeks back on SGX it forced me to use a rolling pin to work the fluid through my extremities. Last Thursday I spent 20 mins at low intensity on the elliptical flushing the legs and didn’t experience much DOMS at all.

SGX involves 20 rep squats among other obliterative exercises at slow eccentric rates. I don’t remember my first few cycles on SGX being this hard on my legs, but it certainly is worth the results.

great, so most of you are the same. I was wondering if it was just me for a second there!

And do you all get the same results in the bodyparts that either dont get sre or as sore (Growth, strength)

I do. I mean, out of most of my body, my chest gets it the most, but is probably my weakest part! (Wonder if that IS why i suffers DOMS more, as it isnt as ADVANCED …??)


I rarely get DOMS, I tend to get ‘a little bit’ when I swap exercises for something I’ve not done for a while. e.g. I did laying DB tri ext, 4 sets of 10 after warm up (off floor with elbows in) on tueday tri’s are a tiny bit sore today (and yesterday) but I only train twice a week and will be fine tomorrow, when I’ll use a different ex and set / rep scheme.
I’ve been trainind for many years (~30).

I only get DOMS when I mix things up. Then it subsides when I get used to the new exercise/rep ranges. Then I mix it up again.

I think quite a few people are bicep dominant and have difficulty hitting their backs properly. Mainly due to overdoing chest and biceps when starting out. I’m the same in that regard. Thibs did an interesting article to help those who are limb dominant.

I still find you can always kill your legs if you really try. Any kind of triple set esp at the end of a workout works for me. Hack squats, leg extensions (the only time i do them) and finish on 30-45 sec bike sprinting. 3-4 sets and you’ll have trouble walking down the stairs. After you’ve done your basics of course.

you want doms?

I had to cut squats down to having its own day.
example saturday is legs,and squats.
sunday I am fine feeling great ,monday morning I can not walk.
legs are rubber bands,every step is thought out first because one wrong step and I am afraid my knees will snap.
back is burning as well.

god it does feel great

this goes away in about 3 days so I am limping into the gym to do arms and chest,then next day back and shoulders,then my legs are fresh again for another great squat day.

this is getting less and less as the weeks go by,so I am sure in about another 4 weeks I will be missing my DOMS as well.

I like to be in pain for some reason,people say I am crazy.
it is what it is I guess

I haven’t had DOMS in many years. Used to be sore a lot, but that was when I was first starting out and an idiot.

I do get sore immediately at the end of my workout. I’m not sure if this would be IOMS (Immediate Onset of Muscle Soreness), but I can’t lift my arms easily, my back is broke and I can’t walk without being in pain (good pain).

I suppose the question could be what relationship DOMS has to muscle growth in a seasoned lifter? Is there or should I say how much of a correlation is there between the two.

In other words does your progress slow down the less sore you are after a workout? Perhaps after you’ve used it for a few weeks? Just thinking out loud…

Thats the shit fatpat (love the name, you are swedish? is it your ACTUAL name then? lol!).


maybe… we all know as a bb gets more and more advanced the gains become more and more slowly.

I am on a massively enormous amount of painkillers at the moment, so maybe i am getting relief when i dont want it?

I have to say, my gains are not bad, they are good as a matter of fact, but i am really living to lift, so i would expect to be fucking growing. I would be a pretty shit BB if i led the life i do and didnt Grow!

But if i chased the soreness a little more is my progress improving… OR is my recovery reducing…? tricky one!!


[quote]sen say wrote:

I do get sore immediately at the end of my workout. I’m not sure if this would be IOMS (Immediate Onset of Muscle Soreness), but I can’t lift my arms easily, my back is broke and I can’t walk without being in pain (good pain).[/quote]

CLaw brought this up in a T-Cell thread, not exactly like you described but close enough it may be the same thing.


His experience pretty closely mirrors mine, I can feel the soreness setting in as I leave the gym at the latest, and many times during my late sets/reps. I still have the extended 24-48 hour soreness, there’s just no delayed onset. With that said it almost always happens with my legs, other bodyparts are hit/miss. Lower back seems to get it really bad sometimes too(Is back pain from bad form the same as muscle soreness? if so maybe I need to record myself and really check my form on lifts.)

If i have trained particularly hard… say 20 sets on a bodypart i havent trained for a month(!) then i start to get DOMS later the same day, i like that cos i know its gonna be bad! kinda sick…