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Do women who smoke turn you off?

DAYUM! I see this shit all the time. Hot girl in the store, club, in her car, etc. And she is puffing the magic dragon (no, not the real magic dragon, but a nasty cigarette). Instant turnoff no matter how hot a girl is. Sorry, you smoke, I am not interested. I’ve lived with smokers, I have friends who smoke, but I will not tolerate it in my house, car or if dating or in a relationship with someone. I lead a healthy lifestyle, and smoking is not conducive to such things. Not to mention it smells, turns your teeth yellow, makes everything around you smell and is unhealthy.

Yeah, you got me there. I do love a good cigar. Any favorites? Whenever I get down to the carib, I smuggle a crapload of cubans back, such as Cohiba, Montecristo, and Romeo y Julieta. My fave’s though are Davidoff and the cheap-o Middleton’s pipe blends (Rite-Aid). I guess I’m a hypocrite then.

I don’t know what your particular style of cigar would be but I like them to be rich, dark, moist in flavor and spicy. One cigar that I’m very happy to have stumbled across is the maduro Mayorga. It’s about what I consider perfect. I like the Costa Rican maduro better than the EMS - it has a much smoother draw and richer flavor. I’ve had Dominican Cohibas and Romeo y Julieta, thought they were ok. Henry Clay’s suck ass! Don’t go there. Ick. Consuegras are also pretty damn good. I don’t know where you get yours but jrcigars.com is a good source.

Thanks, I’ll check that out.

well it’s been my experiance, if she smokes cigs, she mokes pole too. big fan of the Monte cristo’s btw.

Now whats the diffrence between cigars and cigarettes? They are both tobbaco and both are bad for you. I know one u inhale but the other one you don’t. But smoking is smoking! I can’t stand the smell of either one of them. Not trying to offend any cigar smokers here. Just making a point.

“…I like them to be rich, dark, moist in flavor and spicy.”

Sigh. [Eyes defocus for a moment, beatific smile spreads across face.] Yeah, that’s exactly how I feel…

Oh wait. You’re talking about cigars

There is a BIG difference between cigars and cigarettes. The tobacco found in American cigarettes has been genetically and chemically manipulated for a more potent tobacco high and more intense withdrawal symptoms.

Cigars, pipes, etc., are still bad for you, but nowhere near as dangerous as cigarettes.

For the record, I want to offend all smokers. I’ve been offended by them for years because they choose to light up in public. The majority (that I’ve been in contact with)are totally oblivious to MY health,let alone their own. All I’ve heard is the bitchin’ here in Canada from smokers because they can’t smoke in public places. Boo - fuckin’ - hoo. I enjoy giving someone a shitty look when they’re smoking around me, go crawl under a rock and enjoy your ethylene glycol. There, that should piss some smokers off. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm…doooonuts…I mean…conflict!

I agree. I hate smoking too. However, I think say 4 cigars a year isn’t going to do much damage. Point is, I rarely smoke cigars. Lest we forget Awwnold himself is a cigar-attic.

Not to start a war again but you are taking about a cuban Cigar right? Hate to say it though but premium cigars carry 15-20 times more tabbaco then any other cigeratte. Cigars also emit 22 time more carbon monoxide. Also can cause the following type of cancer cancer of the tongue, mouth, throat, larynx, esophagus, and lung. Smoking is Smoking!!! Wether you inhale or not. I suppose your going to say dipping is better then smoking a cigeratte also? Cigar smoking is just as bad as cigeratte smoking. Tobacco pure and simple is just bad for you!

If anyone happens by this thread and maybe has never dated or been involved with a member of the opposite sex that somkes, you probably think we’re over reacting. NOT! Ashes everywhere, holes burned in the sofa, the bedding, the carpet, the yellow stains on the walls that are so bad, if you take down a picture, you’d swear some gang of cracked up gremlins broke in and painted around all the shit on your walls. Then there is the smell. The smell that permeates every fiber of your home, car and clothes. You may become accustomed to it but others notice it instantly. Ashtray smell, bad breath smell. Just fuckin’ yuck already. I have relatives that refuse to visit me because I won’t allow them to smoke inside my home. MY HOME! What the fuck? I digress.

Man, if people don’t like smoking ask them to put it out, move, or you move. How many people do you know have stood next to a person that was smoking for a few minutes and BLAM they have lung cancer. Its not an immediate health threat to the normal person, c’mon.

its not 5 seconds of being exposed to one person’s smoke that bothers me. its a lifetime of being exposed to MANY smokers. Bars, restaurants, busses, trains, boats, you cant get away from it. If I were exposed to tobacco smoke 5 minutes a day for the next 20 years, I’ll be exposed to 36,500 minutes of smoke or over 608 hrs. If it took an hour to smoke a pack of cigarettes, thats’ 600 packs I’d be smoking over the next 20 years by proxy! No thanks! Anyhow, the original question was are women unattractive when they smoke? I still say yes.

Kinda got in late in this thread, so I don’t know if anyone else mentioned this, but it’s been the empirical observation of my friends and me that a girl who is willing to put a lit cigarrette in her mouth is much more likely to think nothing of putting other things in her mouth…if you catch my drift.

Chances are you STILL would not have any harmful effects from cigarettes. I can understand sitting next to a smoker, but resturants have smoking and non-smoking sections. I think you can agree with me that you are not getting direct contact with the smoke, in most cases anyway. As far as bars, usually people go to bars to consume a beverage that has no value to the body and can cause more immediate problems than smoke. “Lets all go to the bar and drink booze” “nah, we can’t; those unhealthy smokers are there” See how funny that sounds? You are exposed to alot more unhealthy things during your day than smoke. It just seems wierd that alot of people on this thread associate smoking with doing a line on the resturant table.lol thanks bye.

Do you have any idea how hard it was for me not to throw in “kinda like how I prefer my men…” into that descriptor? But I was able to restrain myself. The newer, kinder, gentler ~karma~ is quite difficult to maintain sometimes.

Regarding the health issues of smoking cigars: Yes, I’m sure they are just as horrible for you as smoking anything else. I don’t give a shit. Yeah, I’m sure some of you are as offended by cigar and pipe smoke as you are by cigarette smoke. I don’t give a shit. I, like poohbaya, smoke maybe 4 cigars a year. I smoke them because I ENJOY them, not because I think they are “cool” or more healthy than cigarettes, but because I ENJOY them. I enjoy them in the company of other cigar smokers which, incidentally, is never in my own home. (Vegas has a great little convention for us “afficianados”.) I could wax poetic on the pleasurable sensation of rolling that thick, slick, tasty bundle around my lips but I fear the beauty of that would be lost on a great many of you. Unfortunate. You would be hypersensitive to the carcinogens emminating from my guilty pleasure and self-righteously excuse yourself, driving off in your fossil fueled vehicle while wearing your dry cleaned clothes to go to another establishment and order up a round of spirits.

snapping fingers You go girl!

4 Cigars a year is not going to kill you. Or provide any damage to your system. I was talking about abusive cigar somking. People that think Cigars are better then Cigarettes.

If they are warm, wet and willing…it’s all good, vices be damned.

If I were ever to jump back in to the dating scene for some unknown reason, I would consider a woman who speaks, has an opinion, or and kind of baggage more of a turn-off then smoking. Shut-up, bend-over, then leave.