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Do women who smoke turn you off?

Just wanted to throw this out to you guys and get your opinion. Maybe its just me, but I can be stunned by a beautiful woman, who appears to be a T-vixen, and begin to drool and then…she fires up a frickin’ cigarette and that kills it for me. Not making any judgements about women (Or anyone else) who smoke but it just LOOKS trashy to me. Growing up, my whole family smoked. Mom, G.Mom, sisters, everyone except me. Maybe that has something to do with it.

I feel the same way. I’d never date a woman who smokes but thats just my personal preference.

A cigarette in a mouth automatically deducts five points (on a 1-10 scale) as far as I’m concerned. That means that a woman who, without the coffin nail, would be perfect becomes just average.

depends on the time of the day or night

What’s a G.Mom?

I am guessing a G.Mom is a Grandma.

Anyways, to answer the original question, a girl that smokes is a big turnoff to me.

I don’t mind them smoking, I just hate it when the hot ashes hits me in the eye during foreplay.

I concurr–it’s terrible.

Wait just a second here, you use the term trashy like it’s bad!!! Haha. Anyway, in 100% agreement with everyone here. It’s the ugliest thing a woman(or anyone) can do. While I feel sorry for people who have the addiction, some of the excuses are priceless. “It’s relaxing” would have to be my favorite.

I couldn’t agree more. Plus, if you ever hug them or get really close to them they smell like your overweight, chain-smoking aunt. Too gross!

Yes, G.Mom means Grandmother, granny, mamaw, gram-ma or whatever you affectionately call yours. Sorry for the “confusing” abbreviation.

To nail or date? If she is smoking, despite my hating ciarette smoke and smoking, I’d light it for her. Increase the odds of her putting out. Dating or long term? Not a chance. Automatic DQ.

AH, the smell of nicotine in the morning! Waking up beside someone who has morning smoker’s hack, nicotine breath and yellowing fingertips YUM! I agree. that costs a woman valuable points. If you really wanna talk about women and tobacco though, I grew up in the country. Had an 85 year old grandmother who chewed tobacco. Tough lady and I loved her but Day-um!

Well, you didn’t ask, but I feel the exact same way about men who smoke. I could never be with someone who has so little respect for themselves.

Nasty Nasty Nasty no offense

But Michelle, this is a compassionate society we live in. Smokers are victims. They need our love and support. No one is accountable for their own actions. We should blame the (Rep./Dem.–pick one).Obese people are victims too. If it is an obese smoker, all bets are off. The great society should support them.

Compassionate my ass. grin I know you are being scarcastic, but what kills me is that people actually SAY that! I worked with a guy that told me that cigarettes were just as addictive as food. Yes… I said food.

Personally, I wouldn’t “write off” a woman who smoked. It’s simply a habit (albeit a filthy one), and can be stopped. I also don’t see it as an indication of a lack of self respect. We all do things that aren’t necessarily good (or outright harmful) for ourselves or those around us. Honestly, I wouldn’t trust anyone without a ‘vice’. Smoking is gross, and I wouldn’t date a woman who wouldn’t give it up for me. :slight_smile: Hey, I was talking about smoking! lol

Not that I’m in the game any more, but it’s an automatic DQ.

I would never date a cigarette smoker, just as I would never date an known alcoholic or other drug addict. I find addictions to be just plain gross on so many levels. As an ex-smoker(druggie/alkie), I have an extremely low tolerance for anyone who uses the “but it’s an addiction/disease and I’m a victim” line. Strangely enough, I have been known to enjoy a good cigar from time to time. Double standard? Perhaps. But I’m ok with that. :wink: