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Do Women Really Prefer a Dad Bod?

Well if the ladies here are like the ones in the polls, they would prefer a dad bod anyways. However, I don’t believe those polls (I think there is a lot of virtue signalling, and bad framed questions), and I think the ladies here probably like the a guy to at least look a little like he lifts?

Its this and also bad framed answers as women cant just see the thing they see, they have to overthink it.
We would never even look at any hot girl if we were like most women and we would think about all the problems with a beautiful girl. Men are the opposite - we think we can get em all and we also try like morons, lol.
Any women would like a man with a better body, its just that they cant “see” only the body, they see everything that comes with it…
Its kind of a beautiful thing about women, because it basically lets ANY man get ANY girl, if he actually is a good person and has the qualities she likes.


Small sample here, but I’ve had very positive reactions so far to my dad bod. Small sample size though. I know there are tons of girls who like big jacked dudes as well.
It’s also interesting to see what these girls consider “fit”, even the ones who workout.
Of course you never know how they truly feel, only what they tell you.

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This sums it up very well.

I have watched some of the polls while they do them. The dad bod generally looks much better than the average dad bod, and the jacked dude is clearly sauced to the gills, huge and veiny. I can see why someone would prefer a dad bod if those were the options.

IDK if I buy into this. Attraction is a two way street. Assortative mating seems to play out pretty well. There are outliers, but in general people are about as attractive as their mate. Also, girls seem to have a thing about wanting guys that they think their friends would want (to make them jealous or something). Obviously not all girls, just a good chunk.

LOL. You do not have a dad bod at all. I bet if you go to any public beach, you would be in the top 1-5%. Honestly, that’s what I think women kinda like the most on average. Not a guy who could step on stage, but a guy who looks fit, lean, healthy, and has a bit of extra muscle giving him a strong look.

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every girl i ever was with long term, said that she likes me because i am the exact opposite of what their friends like…
idk how its in other countries but in mine its like this - up until i was like 22, i had long hair, leather pants and played metal on stage… 99% of the girls hate long hair in here. And then i shaved it and went to a full Statham. 99% of the women also hate no hair, lol.

Long hair in the US is niche. Most don’t like it, some really love it.

That may have had to do with your look / style, not your baseline attractiveness. Like I don’t think most girls are going to want to date a troll to be different from their friends.

Dad bod is bullshit, I don’t buy it. I was looking at some pics the other day prior to TRT where I thought I looked good. I would say I had the dad bod that was in the polls; big arms, big chest, not a gut but no abs. Looks good in a shirt, not the best without one. That’s not a dad bod thats fat but fit, the term tries to make girls married to fat dudes who let themselves go feel better about it hahaha. I’ve done a pretty solid recomp the past 20 months, my wife always said she didn’t prefer big muscular guys, she did a 180 on that. She was trying to make me feel better before. I’m the same weight at 12%bf as I was 20 months ago with what I would estimate was 20%, I can tell you she definitely prefers the muscles and doesn’t care that I experiment now that we are not having kids anymore lol. I’ll also say this while I’m on my rant and I’m sure you guys get the same shit, do you get body shamed for looking muscular? It’s nuts. That’s when I hear the comments about how much I work out and bench and how they are sure gym time takes me away from family, and then how much girls like dad bods and muscles aren’t for them, but then ask me to lift my friggin shirt.


My wife said she preferred it while I was fat lol (I was big though I guess).

Some actually prefer it, but those are the outliers IMO. Most of them who say it would have no issue making an exception for a guy like Chris Hemsworth.

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I tend to agree. Most girls think “in shape” are the roided up TikTok and IG guys, and they think “dad bod” is Zac Ephron after a cheat meal.


@swoops39 brings up a good point. For a girl that doesnt know shit, someone who works out is Mr.Olympia Top10 maybe, and the “hard working natty” is someone like Dwayne Johnson.
Lots of people dont know the real difference of what is what, so the “dad bod” some girls reffer to, might actually be a roided up fuck with no abs, lol.

There also is a genetic element. I always use plus size models as an example. All the ugly morbidly obese women cheer for plus size models like they also look simmilar, but the plus size models that actually look good are 1)pretty in general 2)have very good genetics of fat distribution and 3)would look EVEN BETTER if not fat.
You cant take a 220lbs girl whos got 80% of fat in her tits and ass, with a super pretty face that doesnt hold water and fat, and compare her to any woman at the same weight.
Same goes for guys - there are guys who work out A BIT, but are mostly fat and “dad-bod-ish” but their chest is wider than mine, arms bigger than mine(cuz fat goes on their arms, while on mine it doesnt) etc. There are different genetics that look different at certain bodyfats.

I also mostly like skinny and tiny girls while most my life i have had only tall ones, lol. I guess its just - if i like THAT person.
Its simmilar with clothes - i might not like a certain thing, but on that one girl it might look super hot. So i guess on polls with dadbods its just a choice between 2 pictures, and when you take Ronnie Coleman in 1 pic, almost any person will pick the other picture.

I guess it always comes down to the person. Its not something universal.
I have gained around 40lbs since i met my gf, and she seems to like it even tho i look muuuuch worse.
The girls i have met mostly dont care for abs. Which sucks, because i really do and i was very proud of mine :smiley:


I am a woman but take my opinion with a large grain of salt

I don’t care too much about appearance.

For me, the gym is a signal for effort and an insurance policy(ppl who are exercise tend to be healthier and live longer)

If a guy has a dad bod because he’s busy doing awesome things at work and doesn’t have time to put in the amount of work into the gym to get jacked, he’s more attractive to me than the jacked guy who blows off work for the gym

Conversely, a guy who’s conventionally attractive and very intelligent but doesn’t workout is a no go because of said insurance policy


It makes them look worse in comparison.
For better or worse. Most females want to be quite lean but have a hard time doing so.

If their partner is ripped and they’re not, it’s a reminder of what they’re not


@anna_5588 spittin’ facts up in here.

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I’ve noticed this. A few girls have said I made them self conscious, which is crazy because they looked way better than I. I think there’s a comfort factor with the dad bod


From my many years of observing women and their choices in men, the women’s weakness is “the silver tongued devil.” Everything else is secondary.

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Oh boy, treating a gender like a monolith will absolutely make this a fruitful discussion!


I think it all comes down to personal confidence and feeling well in their skin. If someone has low confidence, they probably won’t want someone with a hot bod.

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Not the chicks that I’m into!


One of the reasons I work out and try to look good is because my wife is hot. She has said before that when I’m obsessive about my body it makes her self conscious, although she can eat, drink, do whatever and still be a ten. I can’t. She has a pretty face, I’m average. My personality is no doubt a ten lol, but if we are just talking about looks, not bringing in other factors of the equation, I get more attention when I’m cut and bigger from her and others.

To the point about guys looking good but spending too much time in the gym, which I brought up, I’m very efficient with my workouts, and often involve my kids whether I take them with me or I work out at home and they are with me there. I think the argument that people in good shape get for “prioritizing” their bodies is a diversion tactic. I am in the gym while other people are playing videogames, doing sports, reading, insert any hobby. This is my hobby time.