Do Weak Body Parts Really Improve?

Okay, but what you’re doing isn’t working for your chest right?

I think the point was, if you can get stronger that could potentially help you correct your chest development issue.

There are exercises im always trying to get stronger and there are exercises i focus on contraction plus squeezing.
Thats what i meant when i said i tried ( and trying ) everything.

Do you have access to pec dec machine and cables? Kind of remember you training from home.


No, pretty much everyone is just trying to help you. But like a sooky 4 year old, you prefer to just whinge and whine about not having a stellar chest.

Most of the time this shit is just in someones head. Post a pic.

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My apologies if you thought I was being harsh. I didn’t mean it in a negative way. Sometimes you just have to throw the rule book out and try differentl things until you find what works for you.

Thats actually reeally damn good. He wasn’t even tightened up and barely had his feet planted.

Not to second guess, but if he cleaned that up a little there’s another 20-30 lbs. there for the taking.


Hitting a weak area first in program is a good idea. Also hit it with 5 reps, 10 reps and 15-20 reps so you are getting overload, volume and time under tension. 3 sets heavy, 2 mid range and 1 light to failure.

What is your height and weight?

What does your weekly split look like and how are you hitting your chest right now?

I’m not entitled to give any advice, but, out of curiosity - how tall are you?

I am 179 cms.

My photos are on this thread.

You’re 179cm x 74kg, with a very low bodyfat. Your frame can probably hold more mass easily - have you considered simply gaining some weight while prioritizing the chest in ways that people suggested here above? If the rest grows quicker than the chest, it may end up still “lagging” behind, but the overall result might leave you more satisfied.

Provided, some examples you made here in the thread don’t really make sense to me. You mentioned some guys who achieved incredible physiques and pointed out they had “lagging” bodyparts compared to the rest, but their “lagging” parts were still more developed than what 99% of the population could ever achieve. It’s the kind of thing that imho falls into hardcore overanalyzation.

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I was going to chime in but this seems like competitive bodybuilder level shit.

I lift recreationally and compete in powerlifting for fun and have no interest in going on stage, so I’ll leave my two cents here: If you really feel like you’re having a lagging bodypart, why not just HAMMER it for a few months daily? Like a straight up daily 8x8 or 10x10? Addressing weak points is great for you personal development.

But then again, I’m only comparing myself to myself and don’t set unrealistic expectations, which seems could be your case. Like dawg, you’re 165 comparing your stalled progress to high level bodybuilders lagging body parts. I’m 190 and I still feel small.

your chest look proportional to your other body parts IMO. Don’t see the problem or consider you to have “bad chest genetics.”

I’m just going to add one thing to this, now I don’t normally post, but am bored and feel I can add maybe another angle to why your having problems with your chest…

First of all looking at your pics,it seems to me your best assets are your arms/shoulders, now I would bet that when pressing your front delts and tris probably take over the majority of the lifting, maybe you just don’t realize it.

I don’t think you mentioned any of the particular excersises for your chest, but maybe just pulling back your shoulder blades, and widening out your grip will help get that deep stretch you need to really hit the pecs. Just throwing this out there good luck.


I’ve been prioritizing my delts for 4-5 years now (by training them 2-3x per week, consistently, for that entire time period). They used to be my biggest weak point, now they’re probably one of my strongest.

So to answer the question, yes it can be done, but it’s not going to happen in 12 weeks like some internet gurus would have you believe.

Strong body parts can also become weaker. I’ve lost a good deal of size in my legs and ass, which I was really just genetically blessed with, since I stopped doing heavy squats and deads a few years ago due to hip issues. This has actually helped my bjj (and my wardrobe), so I’m not concerned.


absolutely. 200 lbs bodyweight on me now looks VERY different from what 200 lbs looked like the first time I weighed that much. I’ve shifted so much attention to overhead pressing, carries, and stone lifting while neglecting bench press completely. My physique reflects, as do my current 1RM’s.

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didnt you get hit by a car or something if I remember?

Skiing accident about 10 years ago (dislocated hip), followed by some complications, surgeries, and now the beginnings of arthritis.