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Do we have honour?

my home gym if overrun with 40+ weekend warriors who think the words coming out of the ‘blue shirts’ (designated spotters) mouths are pure gold. the only time someone with a shred of lifting intelligence enters that gym is when they have small contests, ie pull ups, dips, push/pull meets.

if i get approached, which almost never happens because i walk around with a pissed off snarl on my face, i will give some tenative advice and gague their response. if they try to dispute what i’m saying then i shut my mouth but if they seem like they’re giving serious thought to what i’m saying then i help them out

Thanks for all the responses. And Mage… you have too much time on your hands :wink:

Yeah from what you guys have said, I now realize that I would probably sound like a dink if I told people they were doing things wrong, I am not even close to being a “big guy” at my gym, so the clout my words carry is negligible. Plus as you guys have all said, if they want to learn, they will ask.

It just pains me to see these people day after day toiling endlessly to no avail. But the lack of knowledge is their choice as well, and if they ask I will be more than happy to help… and link them to T-Mag!!

We have a responsibility to leave people the fuck alone.

hmm, im responsible more or less for my school weights room.
get a lot of questions asked:
ended up blu-tacking t-mag articles all over the walls heh maybe ill post a pic of it. aaanyway, if someone asks me i give 'em an honest answer. if theyr in alone, or with a friend and training SERIOUSLY, i offer more comprehensive advice. most of the time the lil shits just go up there to dick about an that just pisses me the fuck off.
Im kinda thinkin about banning anyone from the wgts room that doesnt train seriously (and leave the place tidy)