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Do we have honour?

Hey Guys, I was at the gym today, and in between sets I was thinking about T-mag. And as I was looking around I keep seeing the same guys at the gym who are making no progress and have been doing the same crap with no knowledge for too long.

So this is going to be a two part topic. first off, how do you approach somebody who is doing it all wrong without offending them.

and secondly, I was also thinking about how as T-men we are kind of a sub-category of Man, like a boyscout is a type of boy. And so the second part of this topic is : As a T-man do we or should we have some form of creedo or code of honour?

Maybe I am nut’s but it seems to me that we should have a responsibility to at least show those poor slobs that there is a different way of life besides the ever popular eat-til-you-explode lifestyle.

TC has already addressed this in a previous issue.

why do you want to change them? i personally see tons of people doing stupid things, but i have never made one comment. this is because i absolutely hate it when some retard comes up and makes a comment about what i am doing.

an issue where i fealt really bad was this 16~ years old, very rounded shoulders, no back or legs what so ever, and EVERYTIME im at the gym, he’s pounding his chest with flys and db bench for 1 million reps. then he feels his chest like a faggot the entire time hoping it will grow in front of him. sad stuff.

anyway, if they see how you workout and come to you then thats how i would change them. ive had some people bigger than me (even some roid freak looking guys) coming up to me asking questions about the stuff i am doing. beleieve it or not NONE OF THESE PEOPLE SQUAT, DEADLIFT, GOOD MORNING, OR EVEN KNOW WHAT A LOCKOUT IS (or if they do any of this they use a stupid smith machine). i think thats when you should convert them, ive gotten a couple big guys to finally give up straps (a big huge astonishing accomplishment) and finally start doing big ass movements.

after all that rambling my point is, if little 16 year old hits his chest with flys for 2 hours, 5 times a week, and sees you over there performing deadlifts/squats/olympic lifts/lockouts/hardcore intense shit, and never comes up to you or learns from what you are doing by watching, then this person is lacking what it takes to get hardcore about training, and that can only come with time in his own mind.

ok im off for steak and eggs!


I only say something if the person is consistently working out and doing something glaringly wrong. Approach them, create a rapport, then work your suggestions into the conversation.

Having tried this, you can have a clear conscience.

You spelt “honor” incorrectly. It’s kind of like “color,” there’s no “u.”


LOL at your comment; here in Canada we spell things differently and use a “u” after an “o”… we spell color “colour” and honor is “honour” The good old Queen’s English…

Thanks for the reply guys,

Iamnobody: I think you made some darn good points, but I guess I just want everybody to get the most out of their gym time. But I guess if they really want to change they will approach those people who are making gains.

And Warhorse: Thanks for the advice on “the approach” that would be alot better than just yelling across the gym “YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG A-HOLE!!!”

Colour…Honour… neighbour… doughnut…
well thats all i can think of right now.

“So this is going to be a two part topic. first off, how do you approach somebody who is doing it all wrong without offending them.”

i say absolutley nothing unless A) they ask me for advice or b) the person in question is extremely hot and between the ages of 18-22, sometimes 17.

I say nothing. My gym time is MY gym time. I have no desire to talk to anyone, much less babysit everyone in the gym that doesn’t know what they’re doing (the majority).

I just don’t give a rat’s ass about anyone’s training protocol unless I can benefit from it. Let them squat in the smith machine and curl in the squat rack and do 1000 situps to lean out their abs. As long as they’re not in the way of my workout, they can do whatever exercise Men’s Fitness tells them to do.

Thats my 2cc

So p-dog you must say nothing cause point b is just in your dreams.
sometimes 17 lol

People choose to go to school to learn. Likewise, people in the gym should choose to approach me to learn. I’m not there to teach a class… I’m there to train.

I would be offended somewhat if someone approached me and told me what I was doing was all wrong. Suggestive comments are fine, but I certainly won’t let anyone 100 lbs lighter than me tell me what to do. I must be doing something right if I have achieved this weight and these results. Hence, if what I’m doing is right, people will approach me. Results speak for themselves.

I’m not trying to be a snob or stuck-up. People who WANT to learn will approach you.

me and my training partner pretend to lift stupidly when high school kids come to the gym. Like running and leaping over a weights bench with two 5 lb dumbells raised above our heads. Also wheeling the biggest plates we can find across the gym floor. Ahhhh good times.

MassNutrition said it best: "[quote]…but I certainly won’t let anyone 100 lbs lighter than me tell me what to do[/quote].

Basically, if they come up and ask you, it means that they’re ready to learn something new. If not, then usually it’s 'cause they think you look like shit, and why would they want to learn something from someone who looks crap?

One caveat: sometimes, reagrdles of your size, you’ll get inquiries if the guys at the gym see you make impressive gains. And it won’t always be about steroids, either. Really!

I correct them when they are at risk of injuring themselves.

When correcting somebody, first point out something good then tell them what they are doing wrong, in a nice way. That way they don’t feel so offended and might actually listen to you!

I wish that someone coming up to ask questions was a sign that they want to learn. In most cases people only want to hear how great their current routine, form, body… , already is. If you try to get them to step out of their pre-conceived box, they will just move on and ask other people questions until they finally get the answer they want to hear.

Snobbery is Good.

This is just what we’re talking about.
Good ol’ TC.

I’m with Merlin and completely agree with MassNutrition’s stance. I’m also very grateful to the guys that have taken time out of their workouts to help me out. And synerjism, that’s just hilarious!

I get the spelling thing. I was just joking around. That’s why I referred to “color/colour” in particular.

'Tis not due yet: I would be loath to pay him before his day. What need I be so forward with him that calls not on me? Well, 'tis no matter; honor pricks me on. Yea, but how if honor prick me off when I come on? How then? Can honor set to a leg? No. Or an arm? No. Or take away the grief of a wound? No. Honor hath no skill in surgery them? No. What is honor? A word. What is that word honor? Air–a trim reckoning! Who hath it? He that died a Wednesday. Doth he feel it? No. Doth he hear it? No. 'Tis insensible then? Yea, to the dead. But will it not live with the living? No. Why? Detraction will not suffer it. Therefore I’ll none of it. Honor is a mere scutcheon–and so ends my catechism.

  • William Shakespeare, King Henry the Fourth, Part I (Falstaff at V, i)

On the other hand,

Dont get bothered by others (lack of) X value.

First of all, their definition of it is not the same as yours, so you can never expect to win any debate, since your are not even talking about the same thing or don`t even agree on the definitions. Talk about a bad start!

Second, when was the last time somebody asked your opinion or permission (or did a values check) before acting?

Now you have the answer: crusades aside, it`s a truly private and egotistic thing.

Do your own thing and keep values to yourself: they translate into action anyway. And that speaks volumes, far more than any debate could ever produce. -DAN C ;0)

The letter u must follow an o?


A few years back I counvinced my mouther to start exercising. I gout with her about ounce a mounth tou check her prougress, and adjust/update her wourkout.

The moust annouying thing was peouple couming up and telling us what we were douing was wroung. First was an 18 year ould “personal trainer” cheerleader whou tried tou tell her she was using touou much weight. I was there, sou I was a little rude tou her, at which pouint she ran ouff to coumplain about me to her supervisour. (Hey, I saw her pouint at me.)

The next time anouther persoun tould her that what she was douing was wroung. And I was nout there at the time. But nout knouwing houw my mouther thinks, and the fact that an absoulute stranger oubviously knouws moure abouut training then her soun, she decided that if she is nout douing it right, she should give it up.