Do We Dare Discuss Healthcare Stuff?

I’d think over 35 people would be familiar with the current healthcare stuff, AKA Obamacare repeal/replace in progress.

Since I’m retired military, I don’t pay much out of pocket for my wife, and almost zero for myself.

What I’d like to hear is how guys over 35 here (I’m 47) think regarding the current law versus the proposed stuff.

No, not directly related to training, but let’s see how related it gets when a muscle is torn or something else requires some “be a patient” time ya know?

When I was still in a career, I paid for employer plans btw, didn’t see a reason to use TriCare when I had the choice to buy my own damn insurance! I can’t speak for all military people, but I sure as hell never had any desire to “overuse” benefits regardless of the fact that I earned them.

Anyway, lets hear some discussion about this?

If this should be in a different forum please excuse me.

I avoid politics and training. There are no winners.


The bill hasn’t been passed yet. It’s still bouncing around between House and Senate and getting endless changes. Not sure it will even get passed at all.

I’m fortunate enough to not care. I am concerned about bankrupting the country.

Ok what I’m hearing is “whatever happens we’ll deal with it.” Pretty much the only correct way to see it IMO.

Not exactly sure y I even asked that here, but probably because it was more likely to fetch a response than anywhere else online I frequent, which is pretty much nowhere else :slight_smile:

I’ll turn my focus back to training attitude:
“Victory or Valhalla!”

Good idea.

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