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Do We Absolutely Need a Weightlifting Belt?


For squat,barbell row, military press ?

or it is ok if we work correctly the core, abs and so on to not use a belt for lift ? thx

I didn’t use a belt for years and am still alive. Your mileage may vary.


I’ve always preferred lifting without a belt. Your core can never be strong enough. Others lift with a belt and love it. I definitely wouldn’t use one until your form is good on the main compound lifts, though.

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If u wanna keep on getting bigger and stronger long term a belt is probably a useful tool.

Belt or not your core still works very hard in a functional pattern and breathing/bracing.

Using a belt correctly enables u to generate more torso stiffness and possibly do more work with your muscles = bigger training effect = more gains.

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I think it’s a scenario where you’ll know when you need one


If you want to compete in powerlifting or strongman, then I would use a belt as it makes most people more competitive. If that isn’t your goal then you don’t need a belt.


ok thanks, i will take all of your advices it is complete for me

You don’t need absolutely a belt, but after a few years of heavy squat and deadlift sometime the lower back hurt. ( and no its not because your doing bad mouvement pattern ) Pushing heavy is hard for lower back.

You can warm up without belt to keep engaging your abs and stay tight without belt.
and then use your belt when your doing your heavy workset. maybe 80 % + of your 1 rm

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i dont think someone already died from not using belt…

I use a belt for working sets (not watmups) of squats and deadlift over 400lbs only. My lower back feels over taxed during those lifts and the belt helps.

I don’t like using belts or straps unless it’s assisting a limitating factor that’s preventing me from hitting the muscle groups I’m targeting or if it’s preventing an injury. Also when a limitation is found I suggest doing an exercise to specifically target the weak area