Do TRT Users Father More Daughters?

I’ve been on trt with hcg for 4 years now. Just married and about to try for children. Is there a correlation between fathers that use Testosterone and having alot more daughters than sons? Looked online at alot of WWE wrestlers and athletes who used gear…seems like they almost always fathered a daughters. Curious if any of you guys conceived while on trt and what the sex of the baby was?


No. TRT has no impact on your chromosome donation. Was this serious?

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I think it was serious. I’ve heard it a bunch of times. Many people point to prominent pro bodybuilders children, which are mostly girls. That said, it very well could just be by chance.


But if its pro wrestlers why the factor is trt? Most of them are not on trt, they blast. And also its not only pro wrestlers who take steroids, take all athletes combined. And if its still only pro wrestlers then maybe people who get hit by chairs father more daughters.
I don’t see any logic behind this idea due to so much variables.

Heard about this on a podcast. Never personally searched for any of the papers and none are provided.

Inflammation due to steroid use could apparently be damaging the the Y sperm…… who knows how much truth is in that interesting thought though.

I wouldnt base my opinions on youtube videos, because everyone can make a video and upload it. 90% of youtube is complete fiction.

I like the joke : “it is scientifically proven that adding “scientifically proven” to any claim makes it look much more serious”.

I was under the impression testosterone injections made you more likely to father no children


I don’t recall any mention of opinions

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You outlier, who let you in here? :joy:

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Well, 2022 has my scholarly article searches all fucked up because who would’ve thought “TRT + Gender Bias” would result in thousands of articles about trans people and anti-masculine rhetoric disguised as ‘science’… BUT

If I were to pose a theory, I would say it is known that the X chromosomes (female) are more hardy and are capable of surviving longer - although they are slower than their Y chromosome (male) counterparts. The Y’s are faster but faster to “die”; I would imagine TRT (or blasting) combined with artificially propping up the LH system means harsher “living conditions” for the sperm… making it likely that more of the Y’s drop off and more of the X’s stick around - therefore meaning more girls being fathered.

I’m sure there are studies out there, and I read a couple of articles which speak to studies of these topics specifically - but none of the studies were cited and I was unable to find them. If someone has greater googling prowess than myself, I’m sure they could be found - I’m just not interested enough to be filtering through women trying to become men by use of phallic inflation devices and TRT.

the problem with studies nowdays is that anyone can do one and upload it on the internet… like all those come from some web site that has millions of studies about everything there is… problem is, most of em are just made by 1st year students for some basic scientific research. I remember, i made a few of those about politics also when i was a student. As much as students make em look good, they are NOT published in those few legitimate magazines. A study that has not been published in a “real” magazine, practically does not count.

Its kinda like Thomas DeLauer, cites 10 studies in every video about everything he mentions, and funny enough, as years go by, so does the stuff he pushes and as much as he had studies that said how Fasting is better, now he pushed Keto and hey - studies prove that Keto is best…just like they did that fasting with carbs was the best.

So i would never bother taking “studies” into account unless you actually see them published in those 2-3 magazines that are acknowledged by the leading field experts.

My ex gf was a doctor, and one thing was making a study, but the whole different deal was to actually get it published worldwide so it matters to anyone, or as she said - all you have is a glorified wikipedia article.


True, but that does not make it peer reviewed. Of course, I have beef with the whole peer review process too as it’s often used as a tool for compliance rather than science.

I’ll agree to some extent, but also disagree to a significant extent too. What “real” magazines have not been infiltrated with woke bullshit these days? Not trying to get into politics here, moreso getting into “legitimate magazines” doing everything in their power to delegitimize themselves for the sake of political correctness.

Any study claiming something is the “best” is illegitimate. Good science is done so carefully that even when >90% of evidence agrees that Option A is the best, they will word it as “The evidence given by Option A leads us to believe…”.

Science isn’t “good” until the same results of a study can be replicated a few times over without conflicting results - hence the scientific method. The number of “good” studies are so limited that it is like finding a unicorn, but some of them have enough evidential volume to be trusted to an extent.

What I’m getting at, is that you are correct in some aspects here, but not all. Some studies can be reasonably trusted, meanwhile others are rife with agenda and only allowed to be published in formerly trusted magazines because it doesn’t conflict with the status quo.

Yes. What im trying to say is - you can never know which one you are looking at, so i wouldnt really trust any, unless i have seen MANY studies with similar results.
When i was looking into optimal sets for hypertrophy, i found studies that said that 10 sets produced most muscle growth. Studies that said that 20… and studies that said that 40, produced most gains, in comparison to other amounts of sets. Thats when i said - fuck it.


Yeah, that Paul Carter article was a doozy lol. I think studies surrounding hypertrophy are horribly unreliable because there are so many non-quantifiable factors that go into it - it’s hard to come up with quantifiable data to go by.

You and me both, friend :smiley:

My brother and I both produced daughters.

We’re pretty bad ass.

The studies are confirmed!

I’ve heard this a bunch online. Guys all worried they’ll have girls if they take AAS or TRT

Wonder if fertility meds would bring back more X sperm than Y sperm? Or at least skew the odds more in that direction

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It’s possible. Personally I think it creates both at equal rates, but that the ‘unnatural’ state in which it does this is likely a bit more hostile (in a medical sense) so it kills off more of the Y sperm because they are more susceptible to these conditions.

^this is all in theory

This whole thread is silly. None of this has any merit or scientific backing. Is as real as testosterone boosters.

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My brother and I are as real as the streets.