Do TRT impact sperm quality in terms of DNA

I am on TRT

My wife got pregnant Alhamdulillah after using 350 iu hcg for a while

However baby died around 8 weeks

Are there any scientific research that proves TRT causes such issues?

I know getting pregnant becomes harder but any genetic problems occurs or such that can cause miscarriage?

I don’t know. I am sorry for your loss.

You might consider getting off TRT for a while to get pregnant.


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There is not much to say when one suffers loss. However I am sorry to read of the loss you and your wife have experienced.

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Thanks. I wonder if there are any such research. As far as I looked, no such finding that exogenous testosteron reduces quality of sperms in terms of genetic

Have you asked her ob/gyn? Or possibly your doctor who is prescribing your TRT? That might be a help.

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Did they do a D&C? If so they may have been able to identify the problem. It is not you and your testosterone.

Reminds me of one of my patients whose wife miscarried four times. OB told his wife it was because he was on TRT. That was when he contacted me. I told him he was fine, she conceived five times (they already had one healthy child) and asked if they were monitoring her progesterone.

He got back to me and told me the OB said they usually do not do that until after the FIFTH miscarriage, but I they could start her on it next time she became pregnant if she wanted to do so. She took progesterone and had a successful pregnancy for the next one.

Of course I could be wrong, but it seems to me the doctor dropped the ball and then blamed TRT.

Sorry you had to go through this.

By the way, I could not begin to guess how many guys have conceived healthy children while on TRT, most with hCG, but but some without.


the doctor said some tests that they usually make after 4 5 th misaccarge as you said. said us to get it done

we plan to make it hopefully

yes Alhamdulillah we also have 1 kid already

I don’t have anything to add except prayer. Very sorry this happened. I had a close friend lose their baby about 6 weeks after birth. Husband is on trt. They tried again a year after the child’s death and have conceived a healthy baby.

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Thanks for good prayers.

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I have not read, seen, or otherwise heard of TRT causing reduced sperm quality, though it absolutely reduces sperm count.

There is some bro science out there where bodybuilders tend to father more girls than boys. If I were to take a guess, the environment is not as healthy for sperm; male sperm are faster and stronger than female sperm, but female sperm is more resilient… so in an inhospitable environment, female sperm would survive longer.
But that says nothing about the quality.

I have heard of Metformin having a high correlation to birth defects if conception occurs while taking:
“The drug metformin, widely used to treat diabetes, may cause genital birth defects such as undescended testicles and urethral problems in the male children of men who take the medication, researchers have found.”

ACP Journals

Not that you need me to say this, but take care of your family, brother - they need you.

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thank you

i only use sustanon from pharmacy

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