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Do Tired Eyes Improve with TRT?

Hey guys, little off topic but was wondering if the tired eyes look gets better while on trt? Looks like I lost a fight lol. Anyways, wondering if any of you had any experience with this before starting trt and how they look now. Thanks

Theoretically, low Test results in poor quality sleep, so its possible that once your Test stabilizes at a optimal level, you will sleep better.

I was hoping to see improvement in the dark circles under my eyes, and TRT had no affect. I think genetics play a huge roll in this.

in ALL THINGS brother!! The older you get the more like your father you become!! LOL

Are you a snorer by chance? Sleep apea can really disrupt quality sleep. Also, those dark circles may also be a result of sinus issues.

Not much of a snorer but the sinus issues would make sense