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Do Things Get Worse Before They Get Better?

I think that is exactly where he should be. Yes, I would be cautious of those that are mills with boiler plate protocols and hot women with cleavage closing the deal. Doctors specializing in TRT would be ideal, especially if there are unique circumstances, outliers if you will. Odds are better they may have seen similar cases.

While I know it happens, I seriously doubt this is what “usually” occurs. This is illegal and while practiced at some telemedicine clinics, is not the norm. As you may recall, state statutes require face to face consultations prior to going the telemedicine route.

@highpull - https://www.licenseportability.org/

You keep stating the telemedicine clinics are breaking the law. I believe your information to be outdated.

I doubt its Estrogen causing issues. Youre low on Nitric Oxide. Boost it, and take 2.5mg of Cialis daily.

No, I do not think they are breaking the law. But, I did state “some” telemedicine clinics. Not all or even most. I would guess few.

It is legal, if statutes are followed. If doing it as systemlord alleged, they are doing it illegally. I thought I was clear in that I do not believe that. I’m speaking in the context of “writing prescriptions remotely.”

For example, most states require a face to face consultation with the patient prior to going to telemedicine. Also, the doctor must be licensed in the state in which the patient resides, unless the patient traveled to your office. Florida, for example, does not require face to face initial consults in some circumstances. They do require it if controlled substances are prescribed. Testosterone is a CIII.

Hope that explains it. I’ve looked at this in depth as we have patients from 14-15 states, they fly in for the initial visit. Your link did not work.

Have you ever prescribed a dosage of testosterone that but an individual over the ref range and felt comfortable maintaining said patient on said dosage? Have you ever prescribed oxandrolone, nandrolone etc (be it off label or for legitimate wasting disorders)

If you risk your medical license by answering these questions, don’t answer.


Nandrolone, off label, for documented joint conditions.

I want YOU as my doctor lol… (jokes, I live in Australia). I have chronic pain (medical history is long and complicated) a large portion of which consists of joint/tendon pain (there’s reason). I take 100mg deca (140mg if I’m abusing it) weekly with 100mg test… makes me feel leaps and bounds better, knee pain, gone… ankle pain… reduced… shoulder pain… dramatically reduced

All round I live in far less pain on vs off the stuff. I’m willing to risk the cardiac/haematological implications in response to not requiring repeated cortisone shots and/or addictive pain medication (after TRT… long story but I was put on opiates round the clock… what a terrible time in my life… the constipation, cognitive deficit induced (Lyrica was worse for this… I worry it had a permanent effect as my memory has never been QUITE the same), constipation, nausea at random times (having to stop what I’m doing to heave/not throw up

I quit cold turkey a few months later (or perhaps longer) absent of recommendation… Interestingly I had no withdrawal symptoms. it was a horrible time within my life. The prospect is still open for me to go back, get put back on the medication (it’s on my file that I have a legitimate medical need)

I know, most guys report miraculous results. Makes me envious. Great for you! Assume you are keeping an eye on lipids?

Back on topic a little. There are plenty of guys that feel horrible initially. Don’t adjust anything for at least 6 weeks. At least. Then, adjust ONE thing at a time. It seems time consuming, but in the end it’s faster.

Yes, I’ll get em checked soon, only been on for six weeks now. I assume my HDL won’t be great as there’s always going to be a net suppression of HDL… (I’m genetically prone to not having the best lipids). Last time I checked HDL was 40-45 and LDL was 100-105… trigs were very low, about 30-40

But yes, back to the initial topic at stake

ISorry it cut me off at 20 posts last night being a new member.

Middleleagues you don’t think estrogen can cause loss of more libido and Ed? How would starting the T make me lower on nitric oxide? How do I boost it? I have cialis but I really don’t feel like at 37 I should have to rely on it.

Has anyone more than not felt good but actually got worse early on than before treatment? I am impotent at this point and was not this bad before treatment

I know what you mean, I think I shouldnt have to pin myself to boost my T levels. I also feel like I shouldnt depend on anything but my own body, but by late 30s Cialis daily is not a bad thing, its actually biohacking, and has more benefits than you are looking at. You need to take Citrulline, Carnitine, and Arginine plus 2.5-5mg of Cialis, daily. Its good for Endothelial function. Im 44 but wish I had started sooner. Do you drink alcohol daily? Smoke? If you do stop it, it helps a lot. Learn Stress management. TRT can throw things off a bit.
Often, Docs give you Test C, HCG and AI as a starter kit. The point of if is to get your levels up fast, youre in flux. My mood changed, I got anxious when I started, but smoothed out, by dropping HCG and AI. Then at week 13 I started 100iu of HCG EOD. No AI. You should get a bloodtest at 8-12 weeks. Any sooner and you wont have proper readings. As for now stick with T, and be prepared to boost it up a bit. The beginning is much better if you simplify things. You should start seeing this as optimization time. Not survival. Get Cialis in your system at the lowest dose and have fun. Dont overthink this. Use the technology available to you and biohack.

I have relied the last year on cialis and viagra but as needed. You don’t worry about it losing effectiveness using it long term? I don’t smoke and drink but socially not regularly. I took citrulline for a while but didn’t notice a difference.so do you think hcg is a good think with T? I’m just so lost in all this and only wanted my levels in check so I could hopefully get libido, function, and energy back.

Opiates + Lyrica is a hell of a combination. Been there, done that, for years. Fuck that noise. Never again.

It was horrible… people would pick on me because I couldn’t remember simplistic things like… “where’s my locker”, “where’s my class”, “where am I supposed to sit” and worst “where is my bag/which one is my bag”

I’d frequently be found wandering around school hallways like a mindless zombie, my short and long term memory was horrific… did not… react well…

Lyrica didn’t even help with the pain, it was a useless medication for me… all it did was lower my IQ significantly (whilst on, ESPECIALLY when combined with painkillers)

Im testing HCG on myself and I have noticed a boost in many things, but I do 100iu EOD which divides into 50iu daily. Thats a super low dose. And I Inject T on the day I dont inject HCG. Im the teacher, the student, and the guinea pig. This is my experiment. Not here to say that its for everyone either. As for Cialis, it will not lose its effectiveness. Its used for pulmonary tension, BPH, and those patients dont lose the benefits of it. Cialis works differently. You dont build a tolerance to it. I only use 2.5mg. When I first started to use it 6 months ago, I was having trouble too. After 6 month use, I have managed to get consistent morning and nocturnal wood. Dick feels strong too. Ive had several nights in which I didnt take it, because I was sick, and my natural erections were there as if I was still taking it. Opening up your cardiovascular system with daily cialis is a great way to keep plaque and blockage from forming, thus you should age well into your 3rd Act with good erections. Its simply a benefit. The fact that youre on TRT should help aid you. Libido is def chemistry and it can be lost if you feel like you cant act on it. So, get daily Cialis, let it work its magic and enjoy the recovery. ED is hormonal, Cardio, and mind. If you know it will react to stimuli, your mind is at ease. Get your T levels up. Work out, take your Nitric Oxide Stack and have fun. Laugh. It really helps.

Oh and drop the HCG, and AI for now. Take T only. After 4 weeks, balls will have shrunken, maybe not. Dont freak out, you can add HCG later to determine if it sits well with you.

Yes me. I felt way worse than pre-TRT initially but over time felt better and better until I felt amazing. It’s a process that requires patience because no matter how much you know you’ll be tempted to change things prematurely which restarts the clock.

Libido was non-existent for months and was the last thing to finally come (4ish months in on same protocol). Mine has been much better with higher estrogen levels than it was with the same T levels but keeping estrogen under 30.

Well my estrogen was 28 before I even started treatment so I imagine it’s over 30 now…

I think I’m going to hold off on my hcg shot due today until I can get into dr tomorrow to check my estradiol again just in case. Just concerned I went from weak erections and low libido to in the past week of treatment no libido and no erection quality at all… not sure what the problem could be