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Do They Still Grow?

This is kind of a weird question, but lets say I lift on monday, and eat a bulking diet that day, and the next day. Then 3 days later (thursday) do you still rebuild muscle during that day? I read that your muscles take 48 hours to recover from a previous lifting session, so I was curious is this was related to building muscle also. It almost feels pointless to continue to eat at a bulking rate on a day when your muscles are mostly repaired.

well honestly if you are eating a good deal of calories above normal I would just try and make it to the gym a little more often then what you have purposed!

I do not believe that it can be said your muscles will always be fully recovered in 48 hours. Alot will depend on intensity/volume and of course rest and NUTRITION.

The rate your muscles recover depends on ALOT of variables (tut,sets,reps,volume etc.). But still, even if all your muscles did recover at the exact same rate you will still need to keep your caloric intake and proper macros up to insure a body that is ready for workouts and test. spurts (when they happen).
Your calories are already below the other days during workout days. On rest days is when the calories are really at or above the caloric needs.